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Just a note regarding battery life.

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Hello there.

The RH10 I am using suffered a fall before some time, so it had to go to service. After a very long procedure, i got it back fixed and to my surprise I found out thats not always its the batteries that cause short life.

Before service, the old stock sony battery and a quite new GP only lasted for a day or two, when they were supposed to hold for a week according to my listening habits. I always charge with original sony charger, btw.

So, after service, the batteries, both old and new had their much longer life.

It seems that probably batteries get dried out from use, but there must be also something in the actual MD units that affect charging! it would be interesting to know if that can be controlled from firmware or its some component affecting that.

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It is possible that the service center readjusted the unit. There is a procedure to adjust battery control and charging, but it is quite complex, and requires that the unit be taken apart and connected to measuring instruments.

Cleaning the contacts of the battery and the unit may also significantly increase battery operating time.

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Unfortunately nothing's built to last anymore. Sony know as well as any other company that it makes good business sense to make something that will ultimately fail within a fairly short time, forcing the customer to buy the next available product or to pay for the failed product to be serviced. MY RH1 is still working fine about a year after I bought it. But I don't predict it will last more than another couple of years, given the heavy usage it gets. The remote failed after about 6 months and after exhaustive enquiries on the sony website, I was eventually offered a replacement for £109. Forget that, I'm not that big a mug! Such is the contempt that Sony has for its customers. My NH600's jogwheel finally gave up the ghost after about 2 years of regular use.

Happily I found a replacement remote (RM-MC60) for 20 quid on the net, and the sound quality through it tells me it is thankfully a genuine Sony, not a counterfeit.

The charging capacity issue is just another symptom of the deliberate lack of durability of electronic products today.

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Actually, since the RM-MC60 does not have a display, no digital signal is transferred to it, so it does not bring any additional distortion or noise to the sound.

And, as I have written elsewhere, the RH1 is even able to work in the LINE OUT mode through the RM-MC60, as long as you don't press any buttons.

As for durability, believe it or not, but two my 12-year old Li-Ion batteries for a SONY camcorder are still giving me juice for 2.5 hours of operation. Just as if they were new! I store them fully discharged, despite all recommendations. And they were really heavily used in 2002-2005!

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Actually, you can't control the unit with the remote in the line out mode. If you press any button or adjust volume on the remote, the unit immediately switches to headphone out.

Surely using headphones to get a line signal would be deafening would it not? Why would you want to plug headphones into a line out socket ( or a socket configured for line)?

If it's an issue with the AVLS on European models, this can be overridden easily enough on most players (I did this for my NH600. And my RH1's AVLS is just turned off via a menu option).

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