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Seeking for pictures of the A608 in all its colors

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i think atraclife post one before lastime :D

try to google but in vain :huh:

If you mean stock pictures, please review this thread - if I remember correctly, the NW-A608 comes in Violet, Silver, Blue and Pink; with Limited Edition Color - Emerald Blue, Gold and Winter Silver with brushed aluminum/magnesium. In addition, you can also check by our "Equipment Reviews + Pictorials" section for pictorials of the limited edition NW-A608SI.

*topic moved to "Flash Player Equipment" section.

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Guest Stuge

thanks IShi for giving the link of that thread ..I don`t kno what happened that time ..

.But as we are seeing that every now & then Sony is reducing their prices of A608 i think there is some new player which is coming near & near ..SO members stay tuned to ATRACLIFE.

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hope so man

asia is slow on those flash base mp3 from sony

hope they comes out more colors for asia doh

dunno why i see UK got more colors then us

and US too

and i saw its got quite good sale from its E500 and A600 series

too some out of stock too

allthought i dont see them or any users on the roads hanging around their neck like they do with their ipod

but i do see a gal with a sony HD5 RED color doh

wow its looks soo unique among those white white ipods and i thought i seen a new breed of mp3 but actualy is was a sony HD5 and i was drooling


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