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What is this now ?

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Hello ,

I've used HI-MD Renderer ( the MD record - function ) a few times now ,without any problem , but now ...

If I record a hole disc , there are many songs recorded with a part of the next song in it .

It's like the start and ending is not right.

It must be one of the settings in the "process options" I guess , but wich one.

Block size ? Repead search size ? ...

Thanks in advance, Kuoi

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What version are you using?

There isn't a setting to fix this, unfortunatly.

The sound card and NetMD device are two seperate things that HIMDRenderer tries to syncronise. There is a bug in 0.54 that doesn't get the timing quite right - so you get this overlap.

I (hopefully) fixed this in 1.00 beta series (beta 4 is the latest)

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