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  1. use hi-md renderer, it will keep your track marks and track titles. its free here. it should be in the download section
  2. it doesnt matter to me what program we use as long as it transferes true SP with track titles.
  3. can we transfer true sp without Sonic Stage on net md yet? it has been two years since someone said it would be done around christmas. its been a long wait...
  4. you will find that if you are sitting and listening to lp4 on headphones it makes you tired and sleepy while sp and lp2 dont do that. give it a try and let me know what happens... its fine if you are mowing the lawn or fixing something...
  5. it takes up too much space. also they would actually have to set the levels correctly like the older cds were. if it was cheap i would buy it for home listening.
  6. you might get better results using the analog input on the md recorder. doesnt the unit convert internally analog to md digital in 20 bits before converting it down to 16bit 44.1k for the md burn?
  7. i have only had good luck!
  8. pay someone her to do it tor you. it should be cheap.
  9. "dxf" audio enahncer" i agree i listened to it it sounds terrible! i think maybe they are affilated with the site it comes from some how?
  10. my mz-r55 sounds a little flat for rock and pop music on both the line out and the headphone out. however it makes awesome recordings when i play them back on another machine.
  11. i think your hearing is bad and your headhpones definitly suck. it might even be possible that your bookshelf system isnt that good either. lp4 is only good for speech and 48kbps even more so. use hi-sp, lp2, or old sp, or pcm for music. it should be relly easy to hear the difference.
  12. thanks. too steep for me. i didnt know it was worth so much.
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