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Playing in mono rather than stereo

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Hey there, Im new here so I hope I've put this thread in the right section. If not feel free to move it!

Is there any way I can set my minidiscs to play in mono rather than stereo?

I own two portable minidisc players, a Sony MZ R410 and a Sony MZ N710.

I have been recording some stuff from the MD to my computer, using a lead from the MD headphone jack to the PC mic jack. On playback I realised that only one side of the stereo had recorded.

If I could just set the MD into mono this would not be a problem.

I guess what I really need is a stereo lead between them, right? Or is there a way I can set playback for mono?

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First problem ,..... your using the wrong input on the computer . Mic in is MIC level , LINE in is LINe level . That would be for the computer ,...... like going into the fridge , and seeing a Glass of clear liquid , thinking its cold water ( on a hot day ) and just grabbing it and downing it only to realize as the BURN hits the back of your throat that it is MOONSHINe and not water .( I have actually done this in a younger day , stepdads mason jar in the fridge )

Or better yet My Parrot decided he wanted a drink out of my glass one day flew over and just stuck his head right in the glass , I had Remy Martin in it

God I wish I would have had a camera at that moment , the look on his face was TRULY ...You Tube worthy .

Use Line in for Line level sources (Headphone out of the MD is practically line out )

so your solution is , if you do not HAve line in , get a USB audio interface and plug the MD into that , then you can record , until your hard drive crashes .

mileage , and usage may vary based on consumer experience, any resemblance real or not to actual persons is purely coincidental and no animals were actually harmed in the filming of this movie ( some re-educated perhaps) :dirol:

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