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  1. Stuge ....... Do you remember Records , 12" Vinyl Records ,...... Turntables , or Record Players ? That is a High Quality Needle for the Record Player .
  2. In Audacity Preferences , you have to set the INPUT selection for the Recording , Audacity will record from many sources , but you have to set it in the Preferences I/O first
  3. Avrin I just checked MY RH1 , and your right ,.......no Mono ..... SP LP2 LP4 but no Mono I had never even checked it .......... very interesting indeed . This makes me suspect there is a LOT more hidden in the Programming and Commands that are embedded in all the HiMD units Not just RH10 , but what if a lot of others had MP3 , or Other things hidden by means of a General Programming Standard , that Sony could use and Modify according to the need for each unit .
  4. The only way would be to use a peice of Software that has Track dividing functions after the entire file (Md) is recorded , "Select All" -- >Divide Sections /Split Tracks whatever the command will be The CD To MD is a Given because that function is built in , but not so with a Computer . On a Mac , Final Vinyl is a freebie , that will split tracks , also Audacity is Mac/PC LINUX compatible and I believe the latest edition has File Splitting . You will have to go to the website and see if it works for you http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Freebie
  5. Avrin you rock dude . This will inspire others with the same knowledge ...... I would think . also the Fact that we can at least get SP and Mono ( which some audiophiles will insist is the purest form ) And have the unit function more like a True Md machine should . This is worth something .
  6. Well if your Handy with tools , I can take measurements and better pix and send them to you .
  7. I found a Nice Wood one yesterday for 1500 yen at a Home center in the A/V dept
  8. Ok Here is the deal , I was at a Home center to get materials for the House I am rebuilding . This place was kinda big , for Japan ..... Home Depot , Lowes Hardware big ...... and they have all kinds of stuff , Furniture , Tools , Garden etc . There was a small A/V section , with adapters , power supplies , Cables , Blank Cd's DVd's etc , and I found this Rack on a Bottom shelf , with about 4 years worth of dust on it . ( I cleaned it all off before I took pix ) But here it is http://picasaweb.google.com/strungup66/MDRack48Disc?feat=directlink Couldnt post a Slideshow here ?? I tried all the different options .
  9. Checking the Specs on the RH1 it does have Mono . Does yours Not Have it ? hmmmm maybe another Euro Menu mod , like the Volume limitation ? Also Avrin , when you mentioned the RH10 Service settings ( "Other Settings" ) I started thinking about a website that I had seen about the MD Transfer Software for Mac being hacked ...... and that there was more Mac functionality in the RH10 than was let on .. As in the Software on the Computer had Blacklisted the RH10 and others , to keep them from UPLOADING , but that the functionality was already there in the MD units Someone even wrote a Cracked version of the MD Transfer2.0 I Have noticed that , ( again ) when I format a disc in the RH1 first , I can use the RH10 to upload whatever I record afterwards . So maybe those OTHER settings might refer to an Identification system , or Callback system for the Software to recognize the unit , I would guess then that we would have to be quite careful with all other settings , as they might change values elsewhere we dont know about . I believe you mentioned several thousand combinations were available ............. Just a thought
  10. Strungup

    Nice little car

    GYAAAAAAAAHHHH A 7 Cylinder Radial .......on A BIKE Watch out for the Leg burns .......... Man that has to be a ride .
  11. Oh Man you know what , I have never even tried Mono on my RH1 ( My R50 always got that job .......) But wow , your right , What the heck ???? Why isnt Mono there , as that it is just a standard Atrac which is already in the Machine >????? Also the RH10 is Playback capable of all legacy discs , so it would need the ATRAC codec for that as well ........ That would have to be there , Which is why I suspect LP2 and 4 are hidden in there somewhere . The Codec is already there
  12. OK , I have to Find another RH10 now , I must do this .......... Have one setup this way , and One normal for MP3 's But this would be a cool machine setup like that .
  13. Dist FL = Function Low ? Dist FH = Function High ? me thinks Memory allocation as you suggested earlier ...... AT one Address , You have SP mode starting with Unit Off or from NOn Standby mode. Which wouldnt require more memory . At another Address setting you have SP and MONO from the Rec Menu ....... Which is now "using MORE" memory , so what gets sacrificed ? memory has been reallocated . so SOMETHING had to move out of the Way . ..........MP3 Playback , probably ......correct ?
  14. I am still seeing the RH1 in small quantities here in Japan Yodobashi , is keeping like 2 in stock at several stores ( 2 per store )
  15. Strungup

    Nice little car

    Yeah did you watch the Part where he fired it outside the Garage , Fire Breathing beast !!!!
  16. This sounds a Lot like a Bicycle Wheel ........ ergo: If you adjust a Spoke on one side of the wheel , it has a direct effect on the opposite side ( across the diameter ) but then also a lesser effect but still noticed at 1/4 radians around the wheel . ( I have built a few bike wheels ) The Adjustments in Spoke tensing have to made made incrementally around the wheel while watching the overall effect of the whole wheel. Achieving perfect center and balance on a Bike wheel takes a a day or two , the build only take a couple hours , but the adjustment and fine tuning take the real time and attention. You mentioned addresses at TWO different locations 0114 and 1811 Here at this part " Second byte: 2, 3, 6, 7, A, B, E, F: If the first byte at address 0114 (or 1811) is set to 0-7: the REC Mode selector in the REC Settings menu works for MD mode. MD mode recording can be started with the unit on. Only SP and MONO are recorded properly. If the first byte at address 0114 (or 1811) is set to 8-F: no effect." When you have the SP Mode enabled in this way , Do you still lose MP3 playback ? or ....... And the different addresses being linked together like that , "If at 1821 this , and also at 0114 that " , But you mention 1811 as well ....... !?!? This is indeed like the architecture of a Bike wheel , ie: Tension at any given point will have an effect at several other points in the balance system . I wouldnt say that that was a Useless hack Avrin , you have done a great thing for the Board , there are many who can do without MP3 , and just the regular MD is fine . To sum up : The Ability to have SP , Mono , HiSP ,HiLP , PCM on one machine is getting pretty close to the RH1 Who really needs MdLp ......... Mono has very Definate functions , Meetings and lectures sound best in Mono , less room noise , and better fosus to the Sound . Also some sound effects , or things like Percussion , and Handdrums should be in mono for a better mix in the Multitrack environment . You keep this up I will have to build you one of my Mic preamps ......
  17. This is getting more interesting by the minute .......... Sounds like Sony had one thing in Mind then at the last stage of design changed their minds , but it was to late to change the design so they changed the programming
  18. hmmm , It just seems that the Legacy modes are in there somewhere , It just wouldnt make sense to make a Non Backwards compatible disc , but then again it IS Sony we are talking about here .
  19. One other idea , would be Which Setting would enable the RH10 to retain its Record Level /Mode settings like the RH1 . That seems to be a Common complaint across the board , I have read a Lot of posts , with that feature as a Wishlist item . I will eventually get some time , after I get these guitar repairs out of my shop , and sit down with the service mode commands to learn them . The SP mode is of great interest and need , so I can Make copies of things for freinds without wearing out my RH1 , or Teac .
  20. No that would be Murphy's Law ............. If it can go Wrong ,......... It Will !
  21. Strungup

    Nice little car

    9 Cylinder Radial Airplane engine ........ in a Matchbox LOL . that engine is probably about 350 HP , WW1 era , early WW2 Airplane engine , and from the looks of it this guy was an engineer on the flight line , he seems to know that engine all too well ......... Making half the parts for it . The Fokker DR1 , had a 7 cylinder Radial in it . so it isnt far off
  22. The Guru of Get Arounds ................ pretty soon you will have it loaded with A.I. , .................( Now THAT would be interesting )
  23. Describe How you erased it ? and did you finalize it ( Edit mode -> erase / format -> yes/no-> "writing system files " then disc off and removed ) or did you try to record something extra on the same discs , and then it didnt write correctly ? Describe more of what happened , then better help can be given or the situation can be better understood .
  24. A Little more work but less invasive , is the realtime recording direct to the RH1 Just go into Menu , Disc Mode , select Md ( instead of HiMD ) then set record mode to SP , connect to your CD Player or whatever and record thru the Line input on the RH1 . Or Mic input if you are doing a Live Mic thing . and it will play in all decks . It wont format on the Mac though , and You will not be able to Upload that disc
  25. I have actually done that ....... "Tape splicing " man did you just bring back some memories ......... ZZ tops Tres Hombres album , the Song Transition between "Bus- /Jesus just left Chicago " was a Tape slicing accident , the engineer was trimming the Tapes for the master tape to be Made from ( Oops , you dont make mistakes there ) and trimmed off a bit too much in the space between the songs , and after splicing the song Transition was just .... DirECT from Bus -> Jesus and perfectly timed , but no space between . So they left it that way . That is what actually happened , so the Band started playing it that way from then on .
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