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cleaning your player...?

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hey all...

soooo, heh. I have mentioned this before but I'll say this again, I work in a metal shop and I regularly do a fair ammount of grinding.

this makes alot of fine metal dust...duh. the spindle (the thing that grabs the disk) in the MD player is magnetic.

I have been carrying an NH1 in my shirt pocket but I have a feeling I may have killed it. I'd had a full day of grinding on a jobsite. I blew the unit out with compressed air after I got back to the shop but it seems like it dosn't want to read a disk now. all I get on the screen is the battery and spinning disk.

I brought my NHF800 today and after work I thought I had the same problem (smart ehh ? ) but I did blow it out a bit better. it took a while but it did load and play a himd disc finally.

add to all that I had one of them in my lunch bag and after the day I found my powderd gatorade had spilled a bit ( lol...pritty retarded I know but dang it I guess I'm addicted to music in my pocket now)

I'm going to stick one in a ziploc bag with a small hole for the headphones now...until I get a flash player I guess. I just feel like a player w/ less holes into the case andno moving parts is best for my work situation. I'll still keep using MD but as soon as I can I gotta get a new computer w/ USB so I can file swap like a normal person.

any of you had sucess cleaning the dust from a player ? I have had sucess blowing dust w/ compressed air before after these same symtoms so I don't think it's terminal, but I wonderd if any of you guys have done this or had any other cleaning methods.

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Do you mean blowing it out with a high pressure air hose ? I would think that would be much worse than what ever dust could get into a closed unit. You could damage the optic block/ lens assembly. If you use air, you should use the low pressure air available in cans for cleaning out cameras. The zip lock should work very well

Did you actually see dust in the unit ? Their is no air movement in a MiniDisc so I would think a closed unit, if wiped clean before opening, would get much dust in it

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I do mean high pressure air. I can definatly se steel dust on the spindle magnet as well as a shred of tobacco on what looks like the worm drive for the eye.

seems to me even a closed unit has plenty of holes for dust, mic and line in, USB, outside power, plus I don't use the remote so there's the rest of the remote jack left open when you just headphones alone.

it seems to take high pressure air to get the steel dust off the magnet. the magnet is pritty strong. it's hard to get that dust off....

I'd have bought a flash player a while ago but this damn NT computer dosn't support USB so I've recorded all my MD's in analoge.

anyway...the NHF800 isn't hooking up with a disk today...sadly having these worked on is too expensive to bother with. I spose I could brave opening them up to look for more dirt

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