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  1. have you tried just putting a movie file on it ? or some pictures ?
  2. boy I'd say they should have made the PSP just a little bigger and use MD media in it and scraped the UMD. emagine a PSP that could also record HiMD ? btw, has anyone plugged their M200 or other MD player/recorder into their PS3 ?
  3. Hey all...well after totally frustrating times w/ Sony on the phone my standard service plan is timed out due to their stalling and now I've gotta use my extended warranty on my mp3 player. so, before I send my player in I was looking on the net to see if anyone has cracked open the back of one of these things to swap the battery ? I know the battery just won't hold a charge, the files are visible when connected via usb and I can get a few moments of screen after I disconnect. after talking w/ extended service the person wouldn't even confirm if they would send the same model replacement which is crazy cause it's still available as far as I know. I don't get why they need to be such jerks about this. life would be so easy with a user replaceable battery.
  4. Hi Bob, so you got the package OK ? I hope your happy with the stuff. I tried to be honest about the condition of the 800. I hope it keeps working.
  5. no problem thanks for looking. I should have mentioned the color
  6. Hi, it's silver, and I have no idea on the shipping, I'll check into it today. thanks.
  7. Hey All... I bought a Sony MP3 player and I haven't been using my minidisc stuff for a while now. I want to check if anyone is interested in any of it. --------------------------------------------------holding for funds------------------------------------------- I have an MZ NHF 800, it's in rough shape but it's playing as I write this so it seems to work ok. I've recorded alot of stuff w/ it over time (at home off the web, never tried recording w/ a mic in the field) some of the button labels have rubbed off, same w/ paint on the corners of the case. the scroll wheel never worked on it. the USB port cover is on there but the rubber is cracked some. the battery cover is held on w/ tape. I do have the right remote w/ radio for it, actually I have 2 remotes, one is newish off ebay and works fine, the other is fussy about turning on the radio. I'll include bolth.I can include a power adapter but it's a generic from Radio Shack. so, overall I'll say it works but no guarantees how long. make an offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------holding for funds----------------------------------------------- MZ-NH1...this guy powers up but won't play a disc. I think it needs a cleaning inside. it's got it's cradle but I can't see any USB cords that fit the socket for it. the cradle will fit a generic power block for charging (6VDC) I do have it's remote too. the battery is good at least as is the remote and cradle. I'll keep looking for the USB cord. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MZ-N1 nice shape overall, I bought it NOS in box so I have all the stuff that comes w/ it as new except the headphones I think. not exactly shure which USB cord goes w/ it. I have the cradle and a power block too but again, not shure which one it came with originally. maybe whoever wants it can help ID the correct cords ? looks like any USB cord will work fine too. I'd be sending the original box and manual, battery side car and remote. now I also have an MZ-M200 in great near new shape. box manual mic. remote...but not shure if I want to sell it. I'm posting it just to see what people offer for it. if I decide to sell I'll need to use it one last time to make shure I have copys of the music I have on disc. lastly ( not shure if I want to sell it either) I have an MZ-E10. it's got the cradle, remote and headphone adaptor. it works fine but has 2 small dents on the back. I mainly have it cause it's such a neat device, it seems too fragile for day to day use. but either way it works fine and the battery still holds a charge fine. fairly rare and really cool unit so I won't sell cheap. not perfect but fully working and complete (aside from original box and paperwork) I have 2 car remotes, RM-MC25C. never used. one RM-MC35ELK remote....not shure which player it goes with. 24- 74 min discs, used various brands/colors. if interested, ask me about disc brands...looks like Fugi Victor and TDK mostly. I'll need to check them to see if I want to transfer any content on the discs before I sell. 9- 80 min discs. 4 big case HiMD discs, the ones w/ a red stripe. bought them here, never used them. they are opend and some were used by the previous owner. 4 HiMD discs w/o case...actually, one is sealed and new for shure. 2 optical cables 17 plastic cases...some are slipcases and some are the type that open like a cassette tape if you know what I mean. I'll include these as desired. I have a pair of Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 EB headphones...near new in package. they were a gift, I tried them once and repacked them in the original packaging. they go for around $100ish on ebay. they are great but I already have some phones I like fine. these have replacable cords too so they can last a long time. I can email pics but all I have is a 1.3 mega pixel camera for my PSP so the pics will be a bit grainy. if anyone wants to make offers on these things please PM me with offers and I can email pics and we can talk. I don't have much in the way of feedback as a seller cause I don't sell much but I will take pics of the stuff I have as needed. I would probably want to ship via USPS with insurance. thanks for looking -Nate
  8. I use one of those little hand made amps in an altoid box powewrd by a 9 volt. it's just connected with stereo mini jacks. signal out from the headphone jack to the input of the amp, then out to the speakers. works pritty well. iPods don't seem to need the boost. I have a cheap set of Altech Lansing speakers I think were originally marketed for the PS2.
  9. I still have my MD's but I've been using an 8 gb Sony dap for outside the house. it's sooo much smaller and no mechanicals means less chance to get screwed up inside. it sounds pretty good but like the MD players I was using, I still need an amp to get any volume from external speakers like a pair of satellites and sub even though they have an internal amp. I think I'll be transferring my MD's to my comp and selling off my players, discs and all the remotes and cords eventually.
  10. you could buy the RH1, do your transfers and then sell it when your done. keep it all clean and save the packaging so you can sell it as "near mint" as posssible. or, you could record into your comp via line in and Audacity. this would be analoge and take forever though. or, copy the MD's to memory stick and play on a Playstation Portable (PSP) which will play ATRAC files.
  11. yeah, why broken ? hi MD or regular ? what are you willing to pay ?
  12. you can record analog via mic in on your comp with Audacity and then export as MP3...not too tough. only takes the time to listen to the recording.
  13. Nate A

    MP3 Gap

    you could also load the whole album into audacity and export as on MP3 too, right ?
  14. I have Audacity and I'm wondering what the HiMDRenderer will do that Audacity wouldn't do.
  15. Hey all...so I finally got a new computer with USB (gasp !) up until now I've had an NT workstation. so I went and installed Sonic Stage for uploading from my MZM200. I'm not sure if I was given the option but Sonic Stage scanned my drives (win XP) for audio files and now all of XP's beeps and chimes are part of my "library". this is lame cause I can see myself accidentally deleting some of these files. I was looking around and I can't see where I have any options as to where or what my library is. I've uploaded 3 MDLP discs and somehow all the files showed up in my folder "music" that I just have on my desktop. I'm not using the provided "my music" in XP yet but I might later. I much prefer normal folder navigation in my comp. I can't figure out how to get windows sound files out of SS...I looked at deleting them in the SS window but it said "erase from the computer" and that's not what I want. it doesnt seem to be like Winamp where I can just browse to the folders I want. anyone have a clue how to get these windows resources out of "my library" thanks for any help
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