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fund libnetMD development

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There already is the dormant http://libnetmd.sourceforge.net/ that still requires a lot of work to get the specification of Sony's proprietary, encrypted and restricted NetMD-interface by reverse engineering. But if it could be done, we would have a working multi-platform alternative to Sonys disfunctional and user-restricting software.

But this is not an easy task, as it requires an reverse-engineering-expert, who might need some time until everything works sufficient and it sounds like a quite frustrating job, so there has to be some financial reward.

The plan "collaborately fund Open Source": many users bid money for a developer to take the task. The people who bid more money, get more influence on the development. If the jobs nears completion, the users test and give their okay: the money gets transfered to the developer.


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With the nature of Sony"s vehemence , Openly posting the idea of reverse engineering their proprietary software , whether defunct or not , I dont think is a very good idea .

There are Sony people who browse the boards , unknown to you . Sony's R&D dept , is on 24 hour search and find , to determine trends and figure out was WILL be popular .

( Even though they get it wrong half the time )

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Some guy has supposedly already reverse engineered the Atrac3plus codec


True. I chatted to him online. He is still at university or college, so he dosnt want to risk his future career by giving away Sony secrets. He wouldn't tell me how to decrypt OMA/OMG files although he claims to of done this himself. A few things he hinted at:

* The encryption is DES based (3DES or some other DES, I do not know)

* Sony put in a lot of effort to keep hackers / reverse engineers away. Such tactics include self-generation of code upon executing, false code and disabling any running debuggers.

I am not an encryption guru myself though I have done my share of reverse engineering over the years. Unfortunatly I am busy on other projects and am less inclinded to contribute on this project since I heavally work with computers in my job and need a break in the evenings/weekends :)

However, I can still offer any advise if needed

Good luck with the project :)

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