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Using one set of speakers to listen to three audio devices!

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I got into minidisc because I was seeking a format to record for podcasting. So I'm into live recording -- interviews and events.

Most of my audio input is via podcasts I subscribe to.All of these are talk based. I usually listen to these on a portable mp3 player (iRiver) while out and about --such as when commuting, walking the dog, gardening or bicycling,etc.

Since I don't drive there's no regular access to a car radio so I get my music from CDs often at an evening and at home.

However, my CD player is dying and I was trying to work out what my next audio move should be. It struck me that if I got a set of portable ( PC style) speakers all I need do is plug my mp3 player into the speakers and listen to music or speech that way. Since minidiscs have made me a bit of an audio snob (and I know how much squishing is involved to create shareable mp3 files) I'm not interested in listening to music audio in mp3 format -- at least not without earphones.

So I, of course -- for the first time -- ripped a few CDs to HiMD and am delighted with the result. It was so easy to do! I never went that way before as I always uploaded/re-recorded my audio from the player to the pc.

Now I can simply move my small pair of speakers ( for the moment an inexpensive pair from Logitech) around the house and plug them into the mains. Then as my mood takes me I insert my mp3 or my minidisc player and listen to my preference.

It then struck me that if I get myself a Sony CD Walkman I can plug three devices variously into the one set of speakers.

iPod is into this with all their docking accessories. Blah!

But I'm aware of no similar attempt to package these -- 3 -- audio options around the one set of speakers. It's not rocket science -- and as much as I know the money investment can be settled on where it matters: the speakers as the rest is simply portable plug-in hardware.

Since this seems a sort of self evident concoction -- has any one constructed any sort of furniture/unit -- preferably portable so a hybrid setup like this could be moved about?

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Yep , I have several sets of this description .

My Fave is the little Yamaha speaker ( kinda expensive , but it gets the air play )


and I use a little switchbox selector that has 4 in 1 out on 1/8" stereo connectors so I dont have to unplug anything to plug something else in

I have several sets of small speakers scattered thru the house , when I master a recording I do so on my digital monitors , but to make sure it REALLY sounds good , you play it on everything before passing it on to get it copied , so switchboxes are also everywhere , that way I dont have to unplug what is already plugged in , I just plug the 1/8 stereo cable into a port and hit a button ..............

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