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Minidisc collection?

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A picture of my current collection sitting on top of my Dresser/Desk

I've taken a couple more of my blanks if ya'll like to see.


Nice & neat collection. I see all AA-powered units. I have been doing the same over years. I might get a N505, N510 for my collection. How do you feel about them? I have N707. I mostly do SP recordings.

And what are those nice looking white MD discs?

And what metallic looking MD unit is hiding there? Just curious

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I think the N505 and N510 are great units. I especially like navigating and editing on-the-go with my N510. The N505 is just more for show, the gold is beautiful.

I don't own a N707, but it's a much nicer version of either of the 2. Lucky :P

The metallic MD is a Panasonic SJ-MJ70, SP play back only. It was crazy cheap, awesome looking, and since I only record in SP, I take it out on nice days.

Here are some pictures of recently took of it:


The white MDs are from the TKD HO Colour Mix, more images are here


Thanks for looking!

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She agreed to let me buy 2 units off ebay. Catch is I need to sell my dust eating Hi-MD unit 910 first (or later ;))

I have an agreement with my wife, where when a new thing comes in, an old one has to go out. I circumvent this whenever possible, but sometimes I really have to go along. To me, it's almost unbearably restrictive. To my wife, it is still "the most clutter I have ever had to live with." I did manage to get most of the wires pretty much out of the way, not an inconsiderable feat given that the main system has 8 full-size components, two speakers, a sub, and five switches and so forth. Small stuff like a portable MD doesn't even count, as far as I am concerned. ;-)

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