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  1. Will this work for Windows 10? If I already have SS 4.3 installed and convert my laptop from 8.1 to 10 will it effect SS?
  2. Yes. When I click on the file in SS it says "Atrac 3 plus 256k". The disc that I am trying to upload was recorded on the same RH-1 I'm using now. Strangely, when I attempt the transfer the green does fill up in the right hand plane. But the files are not in SS. Where else could they go? The only glitch I can think of is that my SS program is now in Windows 8.1. When I did the initial recording I was using XP. Maybe the upload process won't work on W8?
  3. sfbp, Thanks, I'll try your ideas later today. I was always under the assumption the RH-1 (and M200) were the only way to transfer files back to Sonicstage. Also, where are the SS files located? Sphig, Thanks, I did try that and the files weren't there. I also searched my hard drive and came up with nothing.
  4. I have a live recording of an interview I did back in 2006 that I made on my RH-1. It was made in the Hi-SP mode. I want to transfer it from the recorder to my library in Sonicstage so I can make a CD copy of it. I thought the RH-1 was the only MD device capable of this, yet I am having issues completing the task. I connected my RH-1 to my computer and started Sonicstage. The program recognizes my device and even shows the two files I created with titles on the MD in the recorder. When I click on the bottom arrow <---- , the transferring processes is supposed to begin. I even briefly see the top box on the right fill to green and indicate 100%. Although it does this in about one second so I'm not sure if it is actually transferring the file to SS, I then search My Library and the file is nowhere to be found. Is there something simple I am forgetting? I have checked the tab on the MD and it is in the closed position. I also looked at the properties of the file on the MD side and the rights info states "can be transferred (unlimited times)". Any suggestions?
  5. Years ago there was a site that had photos of every minidisc blank that was ever made. Does anyone know if it still exists?
  6. I could be incorrect because I never had the pleasure of owning any CD/MD deck, But at normal speed they use Atrac type R for recording. Atrac type R and 4.5 are both SP.
  7. I might give this a go on my N10. I would love to also try it on my E10 but I have heard it's a much more involved task...
  8. Very cool! But way above my pay grade... Is that battery you received made just for the MZ-N10 and probably for the MZ-E10? If so, I wonder how old the replacement battery is since Sony stopped making these units well over 10 years ago. Are you able to get a full charge and hold it for awhile?
  9. Some of us used Beta hi-fi machines for the same reason. You could actually get 3 hours of high quality audio on a standard L750 tape. Interesting that he didn't include the Beta format. It looks like he went for everything else!
  10. I would think any sonic differences in discs would depend upon the hardware they are played on. The discs themselves only contain the data read by the recorders and players. I agree that the differences are in build quality. Some of the old Memorex and Fuiji discs were cheaply made and the shutters could get easily bent.
  11. You're comparing apples to oranges here. Sony and Sharp had completely different numbering/lettering systems for their respective versions of Atrac. In other words, Atrac 4 in Sony is not equal to Atrac 4 on Sharp. Sony went from 1 in the earliest models to 4.5 in later ones before they started using letters (Atrac type R, Atrac type S). I believe type S is as far as they went. I'm not sure how far Sharp numbered their versions (8 perhaps?). There is a pretty good description of the Sony system at the minidisc.org site under FAQ. You can't upload material from a deck to your PC. I believe the Sony RH-1/M200 is the only portable unit that can do that and prices are pretty prohibitive as they are the last and best recorders made.
  12. It won't even play in SS. I seem to remember at the time some notice was given about how to save these. Just how escapes me...
  13. I think I know the answer to this but I am going to throw it out there anyway. My SS library is now about ten years old. I purchased a copy of Sufjan Stevens "Seven Swans" long ago just to see how it would sound once transferred. This was probably done in the days before Hi-MD. It is in 132 K Atrac just like all of the material on Connect was at the time. I just tried to transfer it to disc and it failed. There is a message about not having the copying rights for the material. Is there a workaround for this? Thankfully, this was the only album I ever bought from Connect. I think I had some type of song credit at the time as well.
  14. I have the same unit and also have been having an issue with the tray, although it is somewhat different. I don't have a "clicking" issue. But upon inserting a disc and trying to close the door it stops just before the tray goes in. At first I thought it might just be an issue with the disc. So I tried several and it happens on about half the discs. Even brand new Biancas and the better TDK ones. Usually, I can try several times and it will finally go in. Recording and playing are both fine. These decks are like 15+ years old. I'm sure its because the moving parts do wear with age...
  15. Thanks! The restore tool worked perfectly. Now I can save some space by putting my old XP to bed.
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