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World`s Most Expensive player $44K only

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Guest Stuge

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Guest Stuge


Not sure how many of you have seen this player or how many of you know about this player ..Quite old news but still have a look

(First Look) - We know how crowded the MP3 player market is. We have the king of MP3 players, the iPod from Apple and the "little" players like Sony, Creative, iRiver and many more. Although they offer pretty much the same features, there are always a couple of options that are exclusive to each player. These could range from pure looks to overall audio quality to a tweaked navigation system, but Douglas.J Music Group has pushed the limits of MP3 players, at least with glamour and pricing.

Douglas.J’s The Presidential MP3 player costs $45,000 per unit. According to the manufacturer, "The Presidential is the most expensive media player in the world, and it imposes a level of grandeur within a market that is saturated with flimsy plastic devices. When we first considered creating a luxury media player, we realized that it had to be more than just beautiful; we would need the finest components, and the most advanced technology. The final product was an instrument both advanced and breathtaking. The Presidential is something that everyone wants to have but few can afford. In the media player market there are different tiers of quality and prestige, and we are at the very top."

Douglas.J did also states, "You choose between white gold and yellow gold for your exterior. The next stage is choosing the diamond configurations outlined in our Hansel & Gretel range. Details of the full range are given to prospective buyers. The Presidential is hand delivered by our own private escort to your door. We also provide maintenance for your Presidential so it always remains in excellent condition. It soon becomes clear that the Presidential is not just for one life; it’s for several of them."


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