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I was trying to send an update to minidisc.org


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I did first use the address found in the "Feedback" page and then click the red "update" button, above the news at the front page... But I only got following two error messages...

<minidisc@amulation.com> (expanded from <md-webmaster@minidisc.org>): host

amulation.com.s200a1.psmtp.com[] said: 550 No such user

<minidisc@amulation.com> (expanded from <news@minidisc.org>): host

amulation.com.s200b2.psmtp.com[] said: 550 No such user

*** Following was my main message, but I did now cut away the detailed contact information at end...

You wrote... Any other gear we're missing?

You did actually miss to show any PHOTO or even info about the first really fine MD deck from Sony, the very elegant midsize Sony MDS-102 that probably had Atrac 2 but maybe Atrac 3

I did buy mine for about 650 euro on my holiday at Canaria Island 1995-01-09 and it came after the introduction of Sony MDS-501 and one year later did I buy a Sony MDS-302 instead (because I got it dirt cheap) before I sold my beloved Sony MDS-102 for more!

Im sorry that I don't have saved more information, but I did just Google this...

MiniDisc Switzeland has Sony MDS-102 it in the list, with a photo...


Hmm... It did look more delicious in real life, so the photo does not make it justice...

It had also a full alphanumeric remote and observe the fine display,

with a BIG track calender, that become rare in time...

I found also another page in Japanese, with a slightly better photo...


And a message to Eric Woudenberg OR the ne that took over after him...

Since our last contact 25 Juli 2000 have I disconnected the technology part from my lifestyle magazine - www.eeplaza.com - and it's now under the name of Vantage Technology Magazine at - www.vantechmag.com - so you should change your old text and link... "Bj*rn Blomberg's EE plaza has a good section on Minidisc." to "Vantage Technology Magazine have still a good section on minidisc" - that you find close to the top of minidisc.org > Links > Home Pages...

Yes, I still have best buy recommendations about MiniDisc here - http://www.vantechmag.com/bestbuy/index.htm#md

And another section, about why MiniDisc (or high quality digital recordings) are smart, here - http://www.vantechmag.com/bestbuy/hifi-tip.html#whymd

With hope, for a long great sounding future!


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