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MZ-M200/MZ-RH1, PCM vs. CD sound

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I have a question to all users of the MZ-M200/MZ-RH1 and all Hi-MD players. I make linear pcm copies of my cds. I have comparing the sound of the same recording on the cd and the hi-md using the same volume through my wireless headphone with dolby amp. Anyway, my Hi-MD version was not a loud as the cd version. It doesn't mean that it wasn't loud, just not as loud. I had to crank up my headphone to reach the same level.

I use the line-out setting.

Does the connection matter? My blu-ray is connected with a coaxial cable, but my hi-md is connected through an anologue connection, the only way to output it. I do have to say, I like how the minidisc player sounds. The sound is warmer. Instead of loudness there is richness.

I can't explain what I mean. Does anyone have issues like that? And when I incread the recording level on my hi-md, there is distortion. So when I use auto, it is just right to the ear, but is not as loud as the source cd.

What do you guys say?

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Manually setting the recording level of the RH1 to 23 will maintain the original recording level. But the output of the RH1, even in the LINE OUT mode, is still not as loud as that of a Hi-Fi CD player.

And remember that recording to PCM via optical in is totally useless, since the signal is changed during this. Transferring PCM from SonicStage, on the other hand, gives you a bit-perfect copy. If you are too careful, you may even use EAC to rip CDs, and then import the resulting WAV files to SonicStage and transfer - no $XX,XXX CD player will give you anything better.

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