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Walkman series X, S, E

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Tom in RI


I am currently a minidisc user (stifle those snickers please) and I am wondering how substantial are the differences in sound quality between the 3 Walkman series available here in the US. Are the primary differences between the series based on features and storage size or are there also significant differences in sound quality?

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I visited a Sony Style Store here in Los Angeles and if you can demo each one, you will see the difference. I walked away then came back again to demo the X in the store! I was so impressed by its build, its features and sound quality. The S is a nice one, and the E fine as well, but you can definitely hear and FEEL the difference when you step upto the X. I auditioned it with a set of MDR-V700's, wow. I'm not to hip on the specs but it appears that it has a set of features that enhances the sound of lossy files like MP3's etc. and gives better stereo and overall soundstage. A steller Walkman. So its really best to go and try yourself with a decent pair and hear for yourself and feel how great that X series is.

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