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FS (or possible trade) audio recording/microphone gear

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putting these items up for sale, or possible trade if you have something of interest:

-One pair(2) Audio technica 8532 phantom power modules. These are for powering any of Audio Technica miniature microphones that are terminated with mini-xlr connectors. The boxes provide the highest possible SPL (sound pressure level) handling, they have a switchable "roll-off" feature, and each has a removable beltclip on the back. Each box runs on a 9v battery, OR can be used as a phantom adaptor when running power from a mixing board or a preamp that is providing phantom power. Also included will be the dual xlr> right angle mini plug cable, that transitions each boxes output into a single male mini plug, which then would go into your recorders input jack.

The boxes are in pristine condition and work perfectly, they retailed for well over $300.00 ( for the pair) and I had the cable custom made which ran around $50.00 ( cable is 4' in length and has a Nuetrik right angle male mini plug)

-asking $150.00 for both boxes and the cable

*email for photos

-1 Denecke AD-20 microphone preamplifier and 20 bit digital>analog converter. Does not provide power to the microphones, is used in line to boost the signal of the microphones and convert to a digital signal. This item, while not in "pristine" condition, is very close and works perfecty. Also included with this is (2) digital optical cables, which again, would go into the "optical in" on your recorder. This unit retails for $300.00 and the cables are about $10.00 or so each.

-asking $175.00 for the preamp and both cables.

*email for photos

basically, if youre into "field recording" all you would need would be a set of microphones and you'd be in business making some nice recordings.

if there is interest in all the items at once (as a package) I may come down (slightly) on the price, but not too much as the prices are extremely low as is, and I'm looking to move these fast to finance another hobby of mine.

feel free to email me with any questions, and I will entertain a trade, if you have something of interest (another HI-MD deck, blanks,or related gear)



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