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SI: Hands-on With The Sony PlayStation Move

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Sony has finally solved a puzzle that has taken millions of dollars, incredible risk to integrity, and four years to figure out. Despite the fact the PlayStation 3 has aged considerably, in recent times Sony marketing has boldly claimed in various campaigns that the PS3 has become more powerful and famously prescribed that “It only does everything.” And in some ways we agree – the console has more going for it than ever. Very few companies in the history of video game consoles have made their devices considerably stronger years after their release. Microsoft is doing it now with the XBOX360, and Nintendo has tried, but Sony have rewarded PS3 owners by adding 3D gaming/movies, incredible exclusive games, enhanced UI, Netflix Watch Instantly, and now a Motion Controller.

The PlayStation Move, on paper, sounds like Wii MotionPlus with HD graphics. But it’s much more than that. Read these PlayStation Move reviews from the best of the best. The controller, which has a nice weight to it, looks totally different than anything else on the market and has a funny shape. The most noticeable aspect is the ball on the top of the Move controller that illuminates in various colors.

There is something special and unique about the Move experience; it feels like it has unlimited potential. Launch titles are plenty, but the real salvo of Move-compatible games will be coming over the next six months. The PlayStation Move has given the PS3 a new lease on life, and in some ways, the PS3 is video game console, reborn. The console feels brand new for some reason. All of the UI polish and various add-ons Sony added throughout the various firmwares seem like the foundation for this. I’ve seen comments from people I know personally that say they don’t play their PS3 that much. I can understand why. How would I know? I haven’t turned on my PS3 in months. Perhaps I got burnt out after spending hundreds of hours in MAG, MW2, LittleBigPlanet, and Battlefield titles. I’ve been busy and when I do have time to play a game I usually do it on the PC.

I had the opportunity to stop by SonyStyle Atlanta and check out the PlayStation Move and the popular Sports Champions game. It’s a sports video game that has table tennis, volleyball, gladiator (sword fighting), disc golf, bocce and archery subgames. I play archery, table tennis and gladiator in this hands-on video.

Simply put, the Move (and Sports Champions) is a lot of fun and reminds me of similar titles on the Wii. The graphics in Sports Champions and the very accurate PlayStation Move simply blow the Wii experience away. Motion gaming is something special, but I know that many people have moved on past it or don’t play their Wii as much as they used to. Sony’s version is much more interesting. The PS3 has those great HD graphics that are severely lacking on the Wii, and the accuracy of the PlayStation Move is on par or better than the Wii MotionPlus. What can go wrong? Can you imagine what the experience will be like with full blown games like Killzone 3?

There isn’t much to complain about the PlayStation Move so far, and that’s how I feel after playing for half a hour last night and three hours today. If you combine the amount of time I have played the PS3 in the last two days because of the Move, it surpasses how much I have played total in the last several months. I can honestly see myself playing the PS3 a lot more now.


The Move was slightly expensive despite the fact I already had a PlayStation Eye camera, which the Move needs for the controller to work properly. I purchased a regular PlayStation Move controller, subcontroller, charging stand and Sports Champions at GameStop for $160. That is somewhat expensive considering that you also need to buy the console and camera as well. There are some bundles out there, including a console bundle and a Sports Champions bundle. I think Sony should offer more bundles, such as two and four pack PlayStation Move controllers.

PlayStation Move owners, are you having any problems? I’ve had a few accuracy jitters, but nothing really to complain about so far.

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