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SI: Sony Introduces Stylish BDV-F7 Blu-ray Integrated Home Theater System

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It’s been some time since I have seen an attractive offering from Sony from its Audio/Video Division and Sony’s latest addition to their Blu-ray family line up is a pretty nice surprise. I own a number of Sony products that captured my attention because of its stylish looks and beautiful integration into home decor: Sony DVD/SACD DAV-LF1H, Sony Speaker set SA-FT7ED, Sony Integrated Home Theatre System TAV-L1 and it has been a couple years since the company brought something of a looker to the market. It just seemed like they had a number of cookie-cutter style BD players and home theater products.

Let’s look what BDV-F7 brings to the table. I would say this home theater system is aimed at those who do not want to mess with 5.1 surround set up, but rather have a sound bar, a subwoofer and a blu-ray player.

The BDV-F7′s sound bar packs the equivalent of two speakers into its long slim design, and can be easily mounted right under your TV. You’ll hear details in your favorite movie’s soundtrack that your TV’s tiny speakers probably muffled or missed. And the subwoofer lets you hear and feel powerful effects like explosions or booming cannons. Best of all, it tucks away discreetly in a corner or under a bedside table. You don’t have to see it, but you sure will hear the difference it makes.

The Blu-ray player is ready for the latest 3D releases, and your 2D movies will also look crisp and full of detail. And the versatile BDV-F7 does more than play movies. It also includes a Wi-Fi

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