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SI: Sony Internet TV & Sony Internet Blu-ray Player Revealed at NYC Event

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Today was a big day for Sony – the launch of their first TV with a full Internet browsing experience. The newly redesigned SonyStyle.com homepage revealed all the juicy information regarding Sony Internet TV line up and Sony Internet Blu-ray player NSZ-GT1.

Both TV and the blu-ray player come with a very handy PS3 controller-inspired remote control (NSG-MR1) featuring QWERTY keyboard and ability to control other Sony devices (AMP, BD, TV). The TV line up as we reported earlier consists of 4 models (24″, 32″, 40″ and 46″) and its core OS is based on Android and come 2011 a flood of all kinds of Apps will be available from the Marketplace.

Currently Sony Internet TVs are preloaded with popular apps like Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, Sony’s owned Qriocity, Twitter and many others. Multitasking while watching TV is a major feature which Sony calls Dual View allowing you to watch live TV in a smaller window while you can fire up the Chrome browser or any other app to check on the latest score or tweet about your experience. It’s interesting to note that Sony pioneered a similar feature in its Locationfree products LF-X1/5/11 where you could browse the net (on a very limited basis though) and have a small window open with the content which can be dragged around the screen of the portable TV tablet.

All Sony Internet TVs will share the following features:

  • Google TV built-in Google TV built-in
  • Seamlessly search across your television & Internet for content
  • Surf the web while watching TV using Dual View
  • Upgradeable Google TV platform
  • Download apps from Android Market (coming in early 2011)
  • Superior processing power with Intel Inside
  • Easy-to-use RF QWERTY keypad remote with integrated optical mouse
  • Link to select mobile phones (coming this fall)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Four HDMI inputs and Four HDMI inputs


Sony Internet Blu-ray disc player

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