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Sony X1060 got wet in rain

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I was out a couple of days ago with my iPod Touch, Sansa Clip+ and Sony X1060 Walkman in my rain jacket pocket. Unfortunately, I was caught in a cloudburst rain storm. When I got home I checked my DAP players and they were wet. The iPod Touch switched on fine and so did the Sansa Clip+ but when I came to switcing on my Sony X1060 Walkman it wouldn't switch on :shok: I then plugged it into the mains and was relieved to see the startup boot screen with the Sony Walkman logo appear on the display. However, it switched itself off so i pressed the reset button and it rebooted again and this time it booted into the DAP where I was able to play music but some of the functions didn't work and after a minute the player switched off again. The only way I can switch the X1060 on is by pressing the reset button or by plugging it into the mains but it only goes into the boot screen with the Sony Walkman logo and freezes when the progress bar reaches about 70%.

Is there any suggestion of what I can do to dry it out and hopefully get it working again? I have taken the back off and unscrewed the battery cover and put my X1060 Walkman into an old coffee jar and filled with rice. I have put the lid on the coffee jar to get a good seal and placed it in my kitchen cupboard. I left it like that overnight and tried to see if my Walkman is working but it is still not switching on.


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Buy a new one. The repair would cost a fortune anyway.

The Sony player is superior to all your other MP3 players. I feel your loss at this time. Hopefully you can quickly buy another Sony player and get back to listening to high quality music as quickly as possible.


I was in my local electrical store and couldn't believe my eyes when I seen a Sony X1060 ex-display model reduced to

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I would always advise buying directly from Sony, definitely not from a local electrical store.

I find it hard to believe that they have stopped producing new flash players. Next time try and visit your local Sony store first and see what latest models are on offer. I wish I had money to burn like you seem to do lol.

You told me that I would have to buy a new player since the repairs would be expensive. I bought a new Sony X series DAP which was reduced to

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