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Cheap MiniDisc water resistance.

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For those of you who do field recordings in all weathers or just like to listen to music while walking/cycling outdoors or by the pool, on the beach etc, I thought this might be of interest.

I was in my local Poundland today and I noticed that they sell handy water/sand resistant pouches with built in jack cable to protect your beloved MD unit from the elements so I decided to pick one up and try it out.

Once your recorder is plugged in and placed inside the pouch it has three layers of folded ziploc seals then a velcro strip to keep everything secure. The male jack inside the pouch connects to the mic or headphone socket then exits through a grommet to a female jack on the outside.

The pouch is made of welded pvc and having tested it I found it to be fully waterproof although as it's only designed to be water resistant, it would not be at all advisable to swim with it or submerge it. It even keeps your unit afloat if it should happen to fall in the pool (again, I've tested it).

Although these are designed for ipods and phones (the touch screen on an iphone still works through the pvc for those that are that way inclined), smaller MiniDisc players/recorders (I tested the NH-1 (pictured) and the MZ-E900) fit with no problems. I was just about able to squeeze an MZ-R55 into it but anything larger or with AA battery protrusions such as the MZ-R700 will not fit.

post-30423-0-04888300-1342107521_thumb.jpost-30423-0-86344400-1342107552_thumb.jA bargain for only £1 I'm sure you'll agree.

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