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HI-MD vs NetMD recording speed through SonicStage

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I've recently come back into using minidiscs after an hiatus of a few years and invested in RH1 and NH700 Hi-Md portables. I was wondering if anyone has compared using a portable HI-MD unit for importing mp3 files from a PC (I use Win XP) through SonicStage (I'm using v4.3 ultimate release 2, generally with NetMD LP2 mode) with one of the later NetMD decks, such as the JB980 or JE780 - is there a significant difference in the speed of transfer or any other factors favouring the use of the Hi-MD units for recording.

I appreciate that that the Mp3 to ATRAC conversion by SonicStage may not be ideal and i've also used the MP3 - Nero CD image - MD Simple Burner route. A lot of the music I want to put on to minidisc is 40's-50's Jazz, so I don't have any issue with the the sound quality using the direct Mp3-SonicStage conversion.



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I do not ask to myself that question like that, I would rather care of the final sound quality.

You said it is not an issue but in fact you can really enhance easily your MP3 sound with DFX Audio Enhancer (www.fxsound.com).

It is a real time enhancement.

I record my MDs in real time (optical out) and use for that :

- foobar2000 (or Winamp)

- a plugin name Kernel streaming audio output (you can also use Asio4all)

- another plugin to create silence between tracks : Post track silence. If you use Winamp, the plugin name is Wincue.

Take care of the settings, just a few is often enough (that is why free version of DFX is good enough).

I can understand you don't want to loose your time during recording but I suppose you don't have a ton of tracks to record. A night if enough to record hours of music on a Hi-MD formatted disc.

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Thanks for the tip - I have an external (USB) sound card with an optical out so will try and compare real-time recording (using winamp with DFX) to direct transfer through Sonicstage.


Don't forget to change your audio output with KS or Asia4all... I forget to tell you that KS or Asio4all settings can be set to 192kHz/24bit if you download 24bit quality music.

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Were you able to convert the files without having an account with SonicStage or do you still have your old account? I got rid of mine because I thought since the store close I would not need it.

SonicStage as I mentioned in my post stated music files still work after store closed. It did not mention you had to still have a n account and even if you needed one that would not make much sense because the store is closed. I am not able to play them anymore and I tried different conversion tools and they haven't worked.

As I also mentioned I did read the other posts.

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