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minidisc walkman and collection for sale

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It's the end of an era. I'm ready to part with my much loved minidisc collection. I have a about 80 discs (5 albums per disc) of a variety of music. Mostly rock and folk (harper, liz phair, elliot smith, lenard cohen, nick drake, neil young, tom waits, sonvolt, cruel sea etc) with some other randoms (astor piazzola, wiate etc). Includes 3 case logic cases and lots of plastic covers AND a Sony MZ-505 Type- R. I'm hoping for a good home. Anyone interested?

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You are far far from a good price my dear amie.

Except for rare & famous used MD blanks, price is around 1$ each.

A Sony MZ-505 is a common unit, with a price at 30-40$, maybe 60-70$ if the box is complete and the unit in mint condition.

Just check eBay to see.

Ok the 3 logic cases are good stuff, but it could be difficult to sell all the 3 at the same time

I have one bought on eBay with 20 mint TDK WA MD blanks


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