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minidisc Mz-NH900

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The minidisc unit works perfectly but after I put a disc in and open the minidisc players lid it won't eject the MD you how they are supposed to pop up out of the unit mine won't do that anymore I have to flip the unit upside down to great the disc out. Any solutions thanks again for this great community.

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Never mind unit is dead

Dead may not mean dead. A simple test is to insert the mains adapter (direct power always works in most cases, batteries can be problematic), load a disc and put the unit up to your ear. If you can hear any motor noise, or even the 'whip-whip' noise of the laser lens trying to focus, it may just be the display connector or display board at fault. So a good working unit looks dead and does not respond. Another method is to use the remote control.

A common problem, if someone has been in the unit, is the keyboard connector being incorrectly socketed, or even the plastic pressure bar on the connector being missing.

As for the non-eject problem, which also leads me to believe the unit has been opened by an 'amateur', is usually down to a bent release catch on the upper slot mechanism, caused by incorrect or ham-fisted reassembly, or by inserting a disc in the wrong way and wrenching it out to un-jam.


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