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MZ-RH1 Battery Charging Problem

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Hi All,

Hope someone can help with this.

My RH1 has always charged quite happily but recently I've noticed that I'll plug it into the computer, it will start charging, then after a random period of time it will stop charging. If I flip open the battery cover to allow the battery to pop out slightly it will start charging again, but then may stop again, or if I'm lucky complete a full charge. Also on the occasions it is charging with the cover closed if I apply some pressure to the closed battery cover it will stop charging. It doesn't matter how much charge the battery is holding, it always displays this intermittent fault.

USB is fine as it works every time I plug it in without the battery (I've gently wiggled the usb cable to just confirm it's not a weak connection) so I'm thinking that something has come loose somewhere and proper contact isn't being made with the battery?

Any ideas?

I've got two different LIP-4WM batteries and it does the same thing with both.

Thanks in advance,


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Sounds like an issue with oxidation on the battery or terminals inside the unit. Use a standard pencil eraser to polish the contacts on the battery and see if that helps.

Your battery is not making a good connection with the terminals inside the unit, by cleaning the battery terminals it may help matters.

I also agree that using the supplied RH1 charger will provide higher current for charging and is better than many USB ports which can sometimes only source 400 - 500 millis

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