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  1. Have you tried a different battery? And will battery charge if you use the Sony MZ RH1 charger.
  2. Greetings, Well, it has been quite a while since I've used my MZ-RH1 and even longer since I've visited the forum. All of a sudden the screen on MZ is very dim. Is there anything i can do to bring it back to life? The battery is on full charge and remote display is working. Red record lite is Ok, too. regs, ken
  3. Solved the easy way: Bought an IDE LiteOn DVD Burner from NewEgg for $25. I don't know how they make stuff so good and so cheap. There was a bit of a problem getting both the SATA DVD and the IDE drivers to install. XP 64 has a bug, at least I think it is a bug: when you add a new device it writes to the registry and you end up with a Code 39 'can't install device driver'. If you ever have this problem just google on code 39 can't load device driver or go to MS Technet and search the same thing.
  4. The SATA DVD burner works with almost everything. That said, it does not work with some of the burner software: XPBurner Pro NOT I have not tried it with Nero as I can't stand Nero. It takes over your PC. As the SATA DVD/CD burners are so new I think it will be a while until the software catches up. I'll just use one of my old CD burners. I'll have to paint the bezel black to match. Here's jpegs of Kick-ass PC:
  5. Greetings, As most of you all know, hardware marches on. New stuff is always available. I just built a kick-ass PC with a lot of toys. It is 64 bit sporting 4GB RAM, 3/4 of a Tera byte of HD and, this is the problem, a Litton SATA DVD writer. SS can't see a SATA device. So, I have to find a IDE CD. I hate old iron!
  6. Well, I figured out how SS messed me up. I forgot that if you move music CDs to a MiniDisc via SS it owns your data and matches up the license crap in spite of your wishes. I'll redo. Sony, GET A LIFE!
  7. I built a new kick-ass PC so I can do video and audio editing. I installed SS 4.3 on the new PC and copied all of my HiMD tracks to it. For some reason, I can't play any of them. SS wants to go to Internet for license info or the format is unknown. Can this be a Sony gotcha? If so, can I move my SS dbs from my old PC? Or copy it? As almost all of what I have I recorded I find it rude if Sony has restrictions like this. Much obliged if anyone can help.
  8. Greetings, Ya know, if you don't do this audio stuff all the time it is really hard. One forgets what's what. Some time back I mic recorded some sound effects off the Internet. Then transfered to SS. I had everything set for auto WAV creation. But, I forgot that SS put the files where I told to it put them. It has taken me some time to figure it all out again. During this series of tasks I made a SS audio ATRAC cd. Then, I played it on WinMedia Player. Sounded like crap. The original was recored in PCM and sounded great on my MZ-NH1. I'll will test the .WAV's but I think they will be better. BTW: I use CD BurnerXP, a great burner and free from the web. Version 4.0 is out and it is fantastic. If you haven't tried it do so.
  9. I'm in southern CA. I buy HiMD media at either the Sony Factory store or at Fry's Electronics. Both are priced at $6.95 and they always have fresh stock. I buy a new disk every time I visit. So, I think we are safe for a while. But it is nice to have a stack of media still in the wrapper.
  10. Gee, That was a great rant! For HiMD media try going to your local Sony Factory store, or if you have one, a FRY's Electronics. I'm in southern CA and both of these shops have tons on HiMD media at $6.99 per disk. I always buy one when I'm near FRY's. And, one of their $1.00 coffees that is better than Starbucks. (But what coffee isn't) I'd buy media off of the web from any of the sites that list them at $4.85 or so. Buy then, they want $5-$6 shipping. Do the math!
  11. The problem may be the HiMD disc. I suggest you re-format and re-try. You can just plug into your PC open My Computer right-click the USB device and click format. You can probably just do a QUICK format. Worth a try.
  12. A little bit of frustration here. I've recorded some nice jazz off the TV. Sounds very good but needs a bit of tweaking. I have imported tracks via SS. When i attempt to create a MP3 CD SS fails with a media not supported. I am using a CD-R. What is the problem? I can create an ATRAC CD without a problem. What if there were no Sony? They sure can be a PIA!
  13. I bought the V-Modas. I paid too much but I wanted the red ones. You can find the black or other colors for less. Check eBay and Amazon. They really fit my ears better than anything else I've tried. I think they sound great, too. But, I am not a sound pro so you may want to read reviews. Google on V-Moda see what you finds.
  14. I have no idea of what is going on with SS 4.3. It worked fine last week. Nothing has changed on my laptop. Today I transfered a couple of sound effects from my HiMD to SS. I tested to see if they played Ok in SS. Yes, they were OK. Then I attempted to create a MP3 CD. SS is telling me that my media is incorrect: CD-R. It worked with the same CD-Rs last week. Why not now? HELP PLEASE...
  15. Greetings, I just checked both EBay and Amazon for MZ-RH1. Zippo! These are getting scarce as a hounds tooth. If you have source that you can provide URL link I for one would appreciate it. Hope the RH1 I own never goes bad. I need a backup soon.
  16. Well, If you have a RH1 don't let it go. At least not cheap. Checked eBay today: $318! Amazon doesn't even have any. Nor does B&H Photo. Anyone have a link to a japanese link to buy RH1? No-one has them cheap any more. So, where to get a second MZ-RH1 as a spare? This is getting scary. ken
  17. Do any of you MD fans ever convert your Atrac .oma files to MP3 or other formats? I recently looks at a couple of very cheap tools that say they will do the conversion. I am looking for a way to use sound tracks mastered on my MD on movies edited and rendered to NTSC DVDs. Am I missing something here?
  18. I also bought a v-moda Vibe REDD ROX earbuds. Awesome! A little pricey but they fit my ears. And, they look cool. Only complaint: need a better marker to desigate L or R. Guess I'll make one.
  19. I just spent $80 on CuteBox. It is a USB device that will allow you to convert your PC into a TV. Actually, my need for this device is to allow me to import VHS tapes to my laptop as AVI or MPEG2 files. The goal here is to create DVDs and get rid, once and for all, all the VHS tapes that are taking up too much space. It comes with decent software and a TV channel surfer remote control (aka the clicker), USB cable and an RCA cable set. I have not tested as yet. I will post my results in case anyone is interested.
  20. I only own one MiniDisc and it is a MZ-RH1.
  21. Greeting guys, I've been reading this post with complete amazement and confusion. It seems to me that the only issue HiMD users have is how to download recorded tracks from their Minidiscs to any device they want and to be able to convert to any other format they wish. This is a software issue, is it not? Surely there are competent s/f engineers that can reverse engineer Sony's basket case database and file structure. Collectively, is it not possible to offer compensation to someone with the talent to provide a new software product? Just how much could it cost? Or, is it that Sony may sue to protect it's proprietary software even though they are not supporting it any more? If it is valuable to minidisc users why should we not attempt to produce the software that we would really want to use? What am I missing here?
  22. kentek

    vibe red roxx

    Both cables are the same length and are of a special high quality cable that resists tangling. I know that was always an issue with original earbuds. These just never seem to tangle. Also, each ear piece machined and marked L and R. I may do something to mark one so I know which is left. Also II, reviews say that there is a break-in period of up to 10 hours. I just don't know how they could sound better. It's like I'm inside the recording studio as a church mouse. Best $60 I've spent, outside of buying the RH1s. kaw
  23. kentek

    vibe red roxx

    I replaced my Sony earbuds with a pair of Vibe Red Roxx from V-Moda. Wow! what a difference. The Sony earbuds that came with the MZ-RH1 were a bit too big for my ears but they didn't sound anywhere near a good as this do. Best deal I could find was from Amazon for $60 + change.
  24. And, Amazon.com has the MZ-RH1 on sale @ $599.00. What a deal.
  25. Is it possible to record and listen at same time on the RH1?
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