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MZ-NH600 Playback Difficulty

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Are you using a 1GB HiMD disk or a standard 60/74/80 minute MD with a HiMD format? I am not absolutely certain but I do recall that there is a difference in the way a HiMD unit records and reads data from the disk based upon the medium used for the recording.

You could try it the other way to see if you experience the same issue, i.e. if on HiMD 1GB disc now, record HMD onto a an 80 minute disk and see if you have the same problem or vice versa.

Can you also record some SP or LP2 onto an 80 minute disc and try the playback of that as well? I think will be helpful predetermining your issue.

I'll let sfbp or others weigh in, diagnosing issues like this.is not one of my areas of expertise regarding MD.

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Thanks Azureal for the reply. It's a blue Hi-MD disc, I tried it on the MZ-NH600 no joy, played ok in the MZ-RH910 ! Strange that neither MZ-NH 600 unit would play it, it's only got a dozen tracks on it. Just wondered if there were any subtle differences between the early/later HI-MD units ?

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speaking of the difference in recording it don´t matter particularly what rec mode (SP-LP & Hi-md ) it is rather than what type of Md regular or hi-md.

Laser needs to focus more in any Hi-md mode no matter if reformatted standard or 1GB hi-md as data is somehow "written" more precisely in smaller blocks.

If you experience playback problems you should try to limit the issue by changing discs.

Try to allocate specific FF problems too.

If one and the same disc is getting the unit in trouble while other units not you could possibly avoid having any trouble by sorting that particular disc ozt.


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