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Boombox/Ghetto Blaster Project

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I've always fancied a portable boombox with MiniDisc but here in the UK they are quite hard to come by and rather expensive.  They are even rarer if you want one that runs on batteries which is vital if you want to be totally portable.

Having seen the listings on eBay for supposed warehouse find brand new 1980s boomboxes I thought I'd grab one and see if it was suitable for modding.

The seller I bought from has a listing for stereos with one faulty tape deck for £29 including delivery so I ordered one and once it arrived, set about finding out how hard it would be to change the faulty tape deck for MiniDisc.

The results can be seen in the attached pictures and I am very pleased with the way it has turned out.  It is a big old beast though and will be expensive to buy batteries for as it takes 10 D size and 1 AA for the clock/MiniDisc.

If anyone wants me to explain what I had to do to achieve this, please ask and I'll be happy to go into more detail, although stupidly I didn't photograph the whole process.










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