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Lp at high speed

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it's known that Sony CD/MD decks (at least the MXD-D400) use a lesser ATRAC when copying CD >MD internally at high speed. At normal speed, SP Type R is used for copying, while at high speed, it is believed that 4.5 is used. I am wondering is something similar is in effect when copying in LP2 or LP4. I spent quite a few hours the other day making a couple of LP4 MDs at normal speed, but I don't know if the internal copying for LP at high differs from the normal speed and whether I would have been just as well off using high speed. Anyone know?


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I wonder if we could perform some experiments to determine how this is done.  If we made some recordings using analog at several bit rates, then dup'ed those recordings to another disk, then transferred the various recordings to the PC using an RH1.


Would a comparison of the files transferred provide any clues which could be helpful?


Does the RH1 transfer everything converted to one single bit rate regardless of its original rate?

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