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Sony PXW-Z150 nightmare buffer

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Nik Coleman


Hi there.
I really hope you can help….
Been using the Z150 for two years with 90-100 MB/s cards recording 4K at 60 or 100, 25fps.
Prior to that we’ve had 6000, 6300, 6500 and we still use AX-33, 53. We love Sony. We even credit Sony in our TV series.
Delighted and the results are on TV, on Amazon Prime, Netflix and elsewhere.
Never had an issue.
Just recently I’ve had the ‘buffer overflow / datable rebuilding sequence. This results in out of sync audio, at best, but the following is also occurring - we have had no change in cards or anything external to the camera - we run a radio mic, Rode, and also a standard mic, also Rode, this happens with both or either fitted.
The cards are transcend or Sandisk from Amazon, and we have many, 64, 128, 256Gb.
Videos demonstrating the issues.
This is common:
1. Data overflow buffer message.
2.  Rebuild fails on camera.
3. Remove card, reinsert and camera will record, but on stopping record the REC light flashes for a long period and often does not go off at all, in fact it continues recording.
4. Push record stop again and now green standby flashes and does not go off.
5. Turning off the camera does not turn off the LCD screen and the camera in effect bricks but with the screen on and the lens active as if it were booting up to record.
6. Battery removal resets the camera but the same re-occurs.
This can occur at first recording, or 20 minutes into a recording.
Tried relay record, dual record and manual slot choice.
Tried reformatting the cards in the camera.
I’ve ordered 150MBs cards today but until now the camera has been fine with all of our 90-100 cards.
Running 2.02 firmware.
I’ve tried everything:
Different makes of battery
Different SDXC cards
HD recording 
Mics / no mics
Shouting at it, threatening to replace it with a Panasonic, telling the camera it’s letting the side down.
I’m at my wits end. 
I just recorded our studio pieces for Plane Resurrection series 3 with two AX33! (Actually it looks great lol).
Please help!
Thanks folks,
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