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which in dash unit?

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Hello, I thought I would throw this out for discussion. I have 3 in dash units that I must choose one of, to put in my truck.




So, I have to choose which one I am going to install. The installation is not as a head unit, but merely an auxiliary in on the 06 GMC Sierra's original 6 CD changer. I will be powering up the MD separate from the ignition and will be stubbing out some speaker jacks for when I want to set up auxiliary speakers on site somewhere. (an option)

 The main function is to play MD's through the original system and speakers while driving. (I am sick of my CD's skipping) 

Now for the choice;

I am somewhat confused as it has been years since I pulled the unit out of my dash of a 77 Datsun. What I mean is that I can not remember for sure which one I had been using. The other two, I have never used. Governing my decisions partly is the wiring harnesses that came with them/are available. 

I just took some pictures and will post later today.

But my foggy memory tells me that I used to run the 6500. Noticeable fingernail scratches on face plate. Yet the plugs on the end of the harness do not look familiar. Wide block into the deck and two separate female connectors of which I do not have the male for.

My foggy memory tells me I bought the C8500X because it was an upgrade. (50 watts) And yet, I do not think I ever used it. Again, wide block emanating from the deck and with a female connector out of the pig tail that I do not recognize, nor have a male for. And I do not remember the female subwoffer output wires either.

The C800REC face plate looks to be that this unit was never used. I have it in the original box with papers and manual. At the deck, the pig tail plugs into a narrower block and the other end of the witres have never been stripped off. It is like this thing has never been installed!

A pro for the rec is that I can divide and name ect when I am away from home. Not a big deal as I could do that with one of my portables too. To sum it up, the two different pigtails on the 6500x and the 8500x would be interchangeable, But either way, I'd have to cut into the wires. The 800rec is more ready to go, less complicated, has no female plug on that end of the harness...ect.

Later I will post pictures of these. Regardless, I am going to have to hook whichever up and check for proper operation. 

Just thought I would throw this out for discussion. Interested in pro's and con's. Like I say, I used to have one installed in my car and liked it a lot. No problems. And my other truck had the earlier 7900 in it. It is still running with out failure, so I feel pretty good about that after all these years!

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Someone I consider a well-respected, technically competent source (from another group) answered the question, " What's the best automobile MD player?" with "MDX-C800REC." Another knowledgeable commenter said, "Decent sounding, OK built, not worth near the money when new or used. Also, cosmetically it doesn't go with most vehicles, but that [is] the opinion part of my answer." He elaborated a bit: "The same quality as a mid level ATRAC 4 portable. It's neat they made a car recorder, but much sacrifice with the rest of the unit because of it." When the 800 first came out, its ability to record (1st single-DIN in-dash recorder)) caused a bit of a stir in the community. FWIW, my current unit is the C7970.


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Wow, bluecrab, somebody answered this. I thought no body had any opinion, or it was a stupid question. I have not begun the installation yet, but I have settled on the 800rec. That's because of what wires it has and what harnesses I have here at home. I have purchased an aux in system to interface with my indash 6 cd changer. 

 I doubt that I will ever do much recording, or even editing. But that's an option. 

Thank you for your opinion on which one.


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