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AP-30 Li ion battery for Denon DMP-R50

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Can you measure the length and the diameter of the battery? That is a good basis for finding a replacement.

Alternatively, you can search for compatible batteries from other, similar devices (i.e., Sharp MD-S100, MD-S200, Kenwood DMC-F5R, DMC-G7R; Pioneer PMD-R1, PMD-R2 and alike.)

Edit: dimensions are 70,0mm x 19,5mm  if I got it right. If it is not avaialble, I would just use a standard 18650 cell, with a little "trick".

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Yes, the Denon AP-30 measured close to 70 x 20 mm. I ordered one 20700 Li ion battery but it did not fit.

I have ordered an 18650. What little 'trick' did you have in mind?

Many thanks for your reply. It gives me encouragement that I am on the right track. The recorder/player works well and has good sound quality so I would be sad to loose it. Plus I have many MDs recorded from my LP collection.

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The 18650 cell is slighlty shorter and ”thinner" than the original battery. I do not know this Denon model, but it probably has a spring contact at one end. If that spring cannot make a firm contact with the 18650, with a (clean, oxide-free) coin you can "extend" it. A few turns of some adhesive tape around the 18650 can help to fit the diameter - it is enough at the top and at the bottom. Alternatively, you can use multiple rings of heat shrink tube, layered on each other until you reached the needed diameter. Just make sure you do not overheat the cell during the process.

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