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Minidisc player on it's side

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Interesting question.

Portables of course have to work at any angle. Whilst the mechanicals of a deck are different and by default would expect to be horizontal I would expect the tight tolerances and low mass of the MD drive parts would be fine.

I don’t think I’d have any worries about playback. Record would be a minor concern but the OWH is such a tiny lightweight part I doubt gravity would be an issue!

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On 1/22/2021 at 6:27 PM, tintin67 said:

Sony MDS-JE530 ...  Can it be used safely on it's side or does it need to be level?

The latter. Regular component decks are not designed to work standing on their side. Their mechanisms rely partly on "normal gravity" - springs, magnetic hubs, disc doors, sleds, etc., to name a few parts.


Edit: apologies Kevin, we wrote at the same minute. I did not mean "smashing" on your post, I replied blindly to the op.

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17 hours ago, tintin67 said:

Thanks guys, guess it's got to go on ebay now then.

Instead of the 530, an S50 might be your choice then, if you have limited space.

It is a great machine, midi equivalent of the 640: Type-R, MDLP, SF-Edit, pitch-control, etc., plus it is PC-Link compatible.

i-img1200x644-16039450533tdq57454857.thumb.jpg.058b6c3764394acc718673a2d33f762f.jpg   imgrc0070284410.jpg.3006e747fb5ed4b677e3d6812fb06f84.jpg

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