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Minidisc horror ...

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Over the years I have collected some astonishing photos. I thought I would open a thread for them. No, not meant as "tips and tricks" that the title of this section would suggest. Quite the contrary - rather mementos of the "don't do it". If you have similar photos and/or stories, please share them here. I hope these can then help saving some MD devices.

The apropos of this topic was this very photo I saw today on an on-line fleamarket page. The guy advertises himself as one who repairs minidisc gear and sells parts. He draws our attention to that the drive on the photo has a "special feature" - a hole drilled into the side of the bracket, to (quoted:) "make it easier adjusting the laser" ...


The "don't do it" part (and it is not about drilling the hole, though it could also be): the variable resistor on the side of the laser head is NOT for setting/adjusting the laser.

(It is there only for the OP manufacturer - during the production process they set the operating point of the photoelectric circuit that will monitor how the laser diode is doing when in use. Any changes to this setting can result in an abnormal operation of the laser, that can drastically shorten its lifecycle.)

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