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Minidisc features on BBC News "lockdown" article


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We've had lots of posts recently from users who've rekindled their love for the format since exploring their lofts and bringing down their minidisc machines and discs, or buying machines cheaply on sites like eBay.

Certainly in the UK, second hand sales seem very boyant - it's rare to see a machine [that isn't listed at a stupid price] that doesn't have several bids on it.

Minidisc was featured in a recent article on the BBC News in such a context:


"Graeme Patfield, a communications consultant on the UK's south coast, finds mental solace in older tech. He is another advocate of musical purity via dated machines.

His Sony Walkman has been playing mini-discs copied over from a PC for nearly 20 years. "It sounds so much cleaner and sharper than anything else and it goes for ages on one AA battery," he says,

He rediscovered it during lockdown and finds its physical routine summons up pleasing memories. "It clunks. You hear it spin when it's doing something."

For Mr Patfield the mini-disc serves as a tool for mindfulness, a movement that calls for people to settle their consciousness in the moment. "You sit down and focus on the one task without anything else taking your attention away." "

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