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Help needed with MZ-RH1

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Hi Folks. I'm the lucky owner of 2x MZ-RH1s.

Trouble is, BOTH of them have now lost functionality in the RH OLEDs (the little green display is powered by 2 sets of OLEDs, I believe, one on the left, one on the right).

So I know when it's on and working, but not necessarily much more - most other info appears on the RH OLEDs.


It's fine in Play mode, an attached sidecar reveals all the info I need which is missing from the front display.

But when it comes to Recording or going through the different functions of the machine, it's pure guesswork.Those don't show up on the sidecar (or the front display any longer).


I'm currently having a problem trying to record using Stefano's excellent WebMinidisc application. In the past it's worked without any problem, but now I get 'Failed to connect' every time. I think this may be(??) because both my machines could be set in HiMD mode - but I have no way of telling now.

As ever I'm using Stefano's app on Chrome on my Mac where it used to connect flawlessly.


1) Is there any method anyone can think of whereby I can SEE the display, some other kind of attachment maybe, short of replacing the OLEDs? I am no techy and don't fancy trying the replacement (I've read that it's really tricky anyway), plus I know it's likely to be expensive. 

2) Any ideas how I can resume connection with Stefano's app? (Here's a dumb question, excuse me - if I PLAY a minidisc that's in plain old MD mode, will the MZ-RH1 then go back to MD mode if it's been in Hi-MD mode?)


Any help or ideas gratefully received.

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