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  1. I'm a musician, hence the quick spot. 😀 Funnily enough after I posted my above comment gaining your 'gold star', the site awarded me a 'rookie' (I've been on here since 2007!!) I'm on Safari on a Macbook Pro . On here your 'video' occupies a huge vertical space (equivalent to about six posts) with just the 'Play' symbol in the middle. It plays for me.
  2. I could see and hear the video on my laptop. A bar or two of Debussy's Sonata for Flute Viola and Harp - nice!
  3. Not sure if I can aswer your question but I sympathise. I have two MZ-RH1 machines and one has lost its OLEDS - such a shame. I find using a sidecar helps for seeing what's going on for Playback, but recording and editing is pure guesswork - so I don't bother and use other machines to record on. I'd think that if you haven't changed any settings and Sonicstage is confirming PCM, you're probably OK. Somewhere onlineis at least one video showing how to replace the OLEDs in the MZ-RH1 (if you can find replacements). It looks fiendishly difficult and fiddly and way beyond my capabilities or level of patience.
  4. Love his comments from c. 15.00 onwards. 😆
  5. It would be great if one day Stefano could add Hi-MD to the functions of this excellent little app.
  6. I can't believe the forum is back again! Every time it disappears I think 'oh well thst's it, Sony are determined to get rid of all traces of MiniDisc including us enthusiasts'. I honestly thought it had gone for good this time. Hello again! Ah yes, Byrdle - I do that and I haven't yet failed to get one. But then I am a musician, and run two choirs as part of my musical activities. There's also Birdle (with an I) where you have to guess the bird (feathered variety). Oh and by the way I'm here via Safari, works for me. EDIT: I've just been informed by the forum that I've won a 'badge' for 'First Post' - that's hilarious considering I've been posting since I joined in 2007!
  7. Hi Folks. I'm the lucky owner of 2x MZ-RH1s. Trouble is, BOTH of them have now lost functionality in the RH OLEDs (the little green display is powered by 2 sets of OLEDs, I believe, one on the left, one on the right). So I know when it's on and working, but not necessarily much more - most other info appears on the RH OLEDs. It's fine in Play mode, an attached sidecar reveals all the info I need which is missing from the front display. But when it comes to Recording or going through the different functions of the machine, it's pure guesswork.Those don't show up on the sidecar (or the front display any longer). I'm currently having a problem trying to record using Stefano's excellent WebMinidisc application. In the past it's worked without any problem, but now I get 'Failed to connect' every time. I think this may be(??) because both my machines could be set in HiMD mode - but I have no way of telling now. As ever I'm using Stefano's app on Chrome on my Mac where it used to connect flawlessly. 1) Is there any method anyone can think of whereby I can SEE the display, some other kind of attachment maybe, short of replacing the OLEDs? I am no techy and don't fancy trying the replacement (I've read that it's really tricky anyway), plus I know it's likely to be expensive. 2) Any ideas how I can resume connection with Stefano's app? (Here's a dumb question, excuse me - if I PLAY a minidisc that's in plain old MD mode, will the MZ-RH1 then go back to MD mode if it's been in Hi-MD mode?) Any help or ideas gratefully received.
  8. A few things occur to me in relation to that latest video: - What's the point of putting track titles on a label that you're then going to insert in a machine so you won't be able to see them? - For the effort involved (using Google translate not the least of them), you may as well make your own print template on a PC and type it up/print it yourself: then you can save it on the comp and edit if you ever change the contents. - The fonts and labels are pretty ugly, IMHO. Another reason to design your own. - If that machine can extrapolate the titles from the tracks on the disc, unless it has some kind of Shazam-like reader you must have gone to the trouble of writing them to the TOC in the first place so why do it all over again?
  9. +1 I have two MZ-RH1's and both of them have failing OLEDs; one one only the LHS OLED is working meaning I can't see any of the important information - I can add a sidecar and see a bit more information, but essentially without the OLEDs I can only use them to PLAY MDs. Recording/editing is pure guesswork in the dark (literally). Such a waste of a brilliant machine, for want of a little illumination.
  10. Hi JoMd2021 I have an almost identical setup to yours, viz a Mac, (two) MZ-RH1's and an Onkyo MD-105FX, so I can probably help though I'm not entirely sure what your problem is. One thing that immediately occurs to me is: Why not record straight to the Onkyo from the Mac? If you have your mp3s on iTunes just use the audio out port on your Mac (depends on what model/OS you have) with an audio lead that splits into L/R channel plugs that can fit into an amplifier and thence to the Onkyo? Obviously you have to do that in real time but you can just leave it recording while you do something else. The old Sony Hi-MD transfer for Mac which went well with MZ-RH1 no longer works on any Mac OS post Leopard as far as I know, so if your Mac OS is newer than that, forget it. I gave up on it years ago. HOWEVER there is a new and brilliant app to transfer files from Mac or PC, introduced on this forum last year. It will work on MZ-RH1 and is considerably quicker than real-time recording. It won't do Hi-MD, alas. Have a look at this thread -
  11. That makes sense. I had a few portable MDs for years before I got the Onkyo, and labelling using the portables seemed impossibly fiddly, even without the 'advice' I got that it would wear the machine out. On the Onkyo it's a breeze by comparison, though a keyboard would obviously be far better.
  12. No, fortunately - I don't like messing with live electronics. I was prepared to accept that I might have to if I couldn't get it out any other way, but I was able to get access to a a little bit more of the disc to coax it out. Why do I use paper labels? i think that's because a) for years I used cassettes a great deal, which invariably came with labels attached - the habit continued b) for years I never added titles/track names etc electronically to a disc after someone told me that labelling in this way shortened the life of the machine (Is this true?) - so I needed some kind of label. c) I like making artwork!
  13. Success! I had to strip down the Onkyo a fair way to get near the door/eject mechanism but then managed to prise the disc out. And everything works properly again! Phew.... And you were right sfbp, it WAS the paper label. Turns out I'd stuck a second label on top of an old one...*slaps wrist* On trying to eject, the bottom end of the label was slightly caught on the lip of the door and subsequent ejection attempts by the machine made more paper ramp up until nothing moved and it went to 'Mecha error'. I have learned my lesson and luckily I don't have a very expensive piece of junk. Beware of paper labels!
  14. It is helpful, Richard, because it led me to put Onkyo MD-105FX into YouTube and there's a couple of videos of them being taken apart. None in English alas. I'm well out of my comfort zone doing such things, but I'm girding up my loins to disassemble it later, in the hope of at least getting the disc out
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