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SonicStage Backup Tool FAQ

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SonicStage Backup Tool FAQ

(source: Sony Europe)

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What is the SonicStage Backup Tool?

  • SonicStage Backup Tool allows you to back up and restore all the data managed by SonicStage, including music, graphics, and track information. SonicStage Backup Tool uses an authentication method via the Internet to prevent copyright violations, when restoring audio or management data.
  • Note that you must register with Gracenote the first time you get CD information. Follow the onscreen instructions when a dialog box appears.
What type of media can I use for backing up data?
  • Removable media (CD-R/CD-RW, DVD+R/ DVD+RW, and DVD-R/ DVD-RW) or a hard disk can be used as backup media.
  • When backing up SonicStage data to a removable media, be sure the media you intend to use is supported by your drive.
  • For example, if you use a CD-R/CD-RW disc, you need a CD-R/CD-RW drive and if you use a DVD+R/DVD+RW or DVD-R/DVD-RW disc, you need a DVD±RW or DVD-RW drive.
  • You cannot add data to DVD+R/DVD+RW or DVD-R/DVD-RW discs that have already been used to back up SonicStage data.
  • DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL discs that use two layers to write are not available. Certain types of removable media are not available.

What if the file size of my music is too large to fit on a removable media?

  • You can back up data on several media. However, SonicStage Backup Tool treats each track to be saved as one unit, so the size of any one track has to be smaller than the size of the media you use. If the capacity of the media is too small, use a media with a larger capacity, or back the track up onto a hard disk.
After I have started restoring my music backed up on several removable media, I have noticed I have lost one of the media. Is it possible to recover all of the content that I have backed up?
  • No. To restore backed up music content, you need all the content. Even if you have some of the content, you cannot perform a restore. Make sure that you have all the music content before performing a restore. Also, once you start restoring, you cannot revert your music content to the same status as before the restore.

When using removable media as backup media, does the removable media have to be formatted beforehand?

  • Yes. Format the removable media before you start the backup.

During the restore process, is personal information sent to the server via the Internet?

  • No, there is no private information sent through the Internet. The server only receives the ID information attached to the backup data and records the date and time of restore requests for each ID.

Is there any risk of information being extrapolated from the music content I own?

  • No, there is no such risk. The ID information does not include private data, such as the music content you own or previously owned, or your name.

Why do we need to connect our computer to the Internet?

  • To prevent copyright violations, authentication is performed for all restore data.

Is it possible to back up or restore any specific music file?

  • No. This program only allows a backup or restore of ALL music files at once.

Is it possible to take the backed up music data from SonicStage on one computer and add this data to the database of SonicStage on another computer?

  • No. If you attempt to restore data from one SonicStage program to a different SonicStage program on another computer, the second computer's SonicStage program will lose all of its OpenMG contents.

Is it possible to back up or restore WMA format files downloaded from a music service site via the Internet?

  • Yes. WMA format files downloaded from a music service site via the Internet or converted to OpenMG format can be backed up and restored by SonicStage Backup Tool, but the copyright protection data that is attached to the files and stored on your computer will not be backed up and so cannot be restored.
  • Therefore, re-obtain the copyright protection data by downloading it from a music service site via the Internet after performing a system recovery or restoring the data to another computer.
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