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Where's Kurisu?


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Chris -

My name is Andy, and I work for Sony Connect here in the US. I wanted to commend you on the great work you've done on ATRAClife- it's certainly one of the premier destinations for Sony fans on the web. I'd love to explore what ways we can work together to better serve the community. If you would like, shoot your email address over to me and we can continue the conversation from there.


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Because of your hard work on here and (more importantly) Minidisc.org, I want to donate to you the following item:


I bought it last year from Amazon, tried it, but went with the Logitech mm28 instead for my HD5. I have it boxed up, ready to go. in all the original packaging. I did open and try it once. I don't have a PSP, so the Logitech worked better for me.

Can you get my e-mail from your system? Just send me one and let me know if you want it free - of charge. If you do, just send me your address as well.


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Weaves, I have been meaning to catch up with you via PM, but I have been extraordinarily busy with school as of late. I just completed my Associates Degree over the weekend. :) Nonetheless, I am sad to report that I believe my PSP was stolen a few months back. I will look for it again today to see if I can find it. Perhaps we could give it away here for the site as part of a contest. Perhaps you and I could work out the details of the contest. Tell me what you think.

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