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Problem with my NWA-3000


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Hi all im new here in this Forum and my english is not so good now i have a Problem with my new nwa 3000 player

i hate the software and have try to copy musik on my player with the ml_sony plugin but i dont get the apply button

maybe u can help me i go crazy at the time i have try all but no apply button.

when i try it without the apply button i have the mp3 on my player but cant ply them because database doesnt work displayed on my player

hope i have write enough and hope u will help me

greetz v0dKa

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Hello vOdKa,

check this thread :


and the faq (adding your music):


This question has already been answered,

your walkman is supported and does not require a keycode.

Please read the faq first and try different version of winamp (lastests versions seems to cause problem)

thank you

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jea i know all this parts i have make the folders on my player but i dont know must i use the method with the protected player or not i dont know.

when i install all the programs and copy the musik to my player i cant add them because i dont have an apply button :(


there is a picture of my winamp without aplly button :(

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hy all

so i have the same problem like v0dKa and i read every fuckin FAQ and workaround that i found and nothing helped. so i think there's a problem with windows (actual updates?) or something else..

otiasj, plz have a look about this problem and don't tell us about some other threads they should help, cuz nothing work

my actual configuration: windows xp pro with sp2 with latest windows updates, winamp 5.35 with the latest ml_sony.dll, nw-a3000 with the latest firmware (3.00)

further information about my system you'll find on http://www.sysprofile.de/id15389



p.s. i'm sorry about my english..


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Hello everyone,

Vodka :

Did you add tracks from your "local Media->audio" directory?

the apply button appears when you are modifying your player (add/del something)

Spinorama :

your problem is probably your winamp version, people have reported having problem since v 5.34

try v 5.33 and it should work, It's working for anyone else no reason it should not work for you.

Let me know if it works

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  • 2 weeks later...

Vodka : The name of the playlist is suppose to be the name of the m3u file,

try again please :-)

-create a playlist in winamp,

- select it in your playlist manager, then click on "Manage Playlist" -> "Export Playlist..."

- save it to UrPlaylistName.m3u on your desktop for example.

- click on your "devices"->"X:Sony Walkman"

slide the UrPlaylistName.m3u file from your desktop to the ml_sony windows.

It should work, I know it is a boring way to do it, I will solve this problem in the next version.

Nishipi :

Hello :-) welcome to atraclife,

<Rant mode on>

Atraclife the place where people who bought sony devices can cry their eyes out.

Most of people hate CP or SS, because it's buggy and proprietary.

here are my reasons not to use it :

I personally don't like Sony forcing me to use their software just because I bought their hardware.

I prefer winamp because it has a lot of free plugins that I need.

I don't want to have a "special software" just for transfering files to my walkman.

I want to manage my music from 1 software.

SS and CP are not compatible with other devices than sony, So my girlfriend with her creative player would have to use a 3rd software on my computer?? no way...

(SS and CP are ugly ^-^)

ps : You sound japanese, are you working in Sony Japan or something? ^-^

Wouldn't it be great if they released some specifications or libraries?

That way they would get a lot of 3rd party software to work with their devices,

and then they would probably sell more devices.

<Rant mode off>


no hard feeling intended mate :-)

I am just a little tired with sony devices...

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