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Best sound without losing quality on my e00x player.

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Hi. I'm owner of Sony NW-E003F mp3 player. I am addict of good sound. What is the best program to transfer my mp3s to my player without losing ANY quality? Is this even possible on this player? Is Sonic Stage 4.3 the best program to transfer or is some other program. Thanks in advance

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As far as I know, Sonicstage is the only program you can use. Of course there are other programs out there (winamp plugins, GYM,etc.), but to me there is always going to be an error or some annoyance that comes with using those kinds of programs.

Now to the other part of your question, you say that you want to have the best sound quality while transfering your "mp3s". This in itself is sort of a dead end, because if you already have Mp3s, then you have lost a substantial amount of the quality of the actual music file.

Sonic stage has the option to rip your cd's in Atrac advanced Lossless, which basically means there is no loss in soud quality, and I have also heard that the file size is significantly less than other high bitrate audio files.

Hope this helps

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