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Transfering mp3 from walkman to computer?

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Does anybody know why sonicstage disables function to copy tracks back on other computer? I mean if tracks are transfered as they, in mp3 format, it is stupid why they cannot transfer on other computer with sonicstage 4.3 back on computer.

The answer is slightly two-folded, i think..

The tracks *are* transfered in MP3, as in that they don't transcode the files into another format. However, sonicstage *does* put a DRM wrapper onto the tracks. If you had it do the transcoding, it would take longer but compress the files, and have the same end effect, so this was sort of like thier "short-cut" of sorts.

The new non-sonicstage players don't have the DRM stuff (other than being able to play back protected WMAs). Looks like sony has gotten 'smart' and stopped 'defending' it's music leg in the company.

If you want, try out the american verson of connect, which can be found at www.connect.com

Though the music store will be gone sometime early next year, as long as you register your computers now, you should be able to use up to 5 computers per account/player.

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