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Apply Button?


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I just downloaded ml_sony and winamp 5.35.

I installed Winamp.

I moved the plugin into Winamp's plugin folder.

Then I lauched Winamp.

My NW-HD5 came up in the under Divices, and I was able to Add and Delete tracks.

In the ML-Sony FAQ on this site, it says nothing will change until I hit "Apply"

And when I right click and hit "eject device", none of my songs have moved (deleted or added).

My question is, where is the Apply button?

Now I may be looking in the wrong place, but the only buttons i see in the Media Library window are Play, Enqueue, Hide Info, and Clear Search?

I also read in the forum that ML_Sony stopped working with Winamp after version 5.33.

Does anyone know where I can download 5.33 and not 5.5?

I know the Winamp version may be my only problem, but I won't know until I find and hit "Apply".

Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance.

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