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My Vaio VGF-AP1L is starting to fail, what are my options?

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I purchased a Vaio VGF-AP1L a little over two years ago. I converted a large portion of my cd collection for download on to the player. My computer hard drive was not large enough to store all the files in both places.

Now 2 years later and the headphone output is starting to fail. I have 20 gb of music (at 192 kbps) on the player and I'd like to replace my player with something new. Am I at a loss for getting the music off my player and on to a new one? Would it have to be another Sony player or is there anyway I can get a different brand (Apple Ipod, etc) and convert/transfer these files in the Sony Atrac3 format on to a non-Sony device?

My only thought seems to be burn a MP3 CD with the Sonicstage software and then import the music from the MP3 CD to the new player. I'm not even sure if that would work, maybe the Sonicstage software still locks down MP3s... That would at least save me from importing all my CDs again. Or is there software these days to convert the Sony files to something that will work on other players?

I've done a little searching of the forums, but wasn't quite sure I found the right info, so sorry if this has been asked before.

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Travel to the GYM software thread and review.

GYM is software that enables you to copy mp3s back onto your harddrive.

Before doing anything though, makes sure to backup your files!

Your options are:

- Get GYM and backup

- Purchase a new Sony VP and transfer files

- Get a new mp3 player

I am currently in search of a new mp3 player myself and need at least 40gb and it needs to be in the most universal format possible.

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