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Hello all;

I am a virgin to all this, but do share the enjoyment of sony's great(older) ATRAC players. I have a problem and need some knowledgeable advice, I recently purchased a nw-s706f player from japan and did not know of their reduced fm channels, and am curious if I can flash a north american os onto the payer.

any help would be greatly appreciated..

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there are 2 diff s706 available in japan, japanese model and 'overseas model'. overseas-model shd have proper fm reception in us(88-108 MHz).

if yours is japanese then fm range is 76-90 MHz. The japanese model will be able to tune only 88-90 in US.


In this digital age, Sony still is unable to make universal FM.

My case is reverse, I have overseas model in japan. Interestingly I can also receive only 88-90 MHz in japan, I dont use FM though.

I paid extra money for overseas model, still I dont get anything universal. How money thirsty sony is ?


Sony walkman is selling fine, the sales target for this year is revised from 5 million units to 5.5 million units


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