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NW-A808 and Sonicstage

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*If this has already been posted somewhere please let me know, but I have looked all over and am getting all sorts of different answers for my question.

Ok, So I have the NW-a808 and I hate sonicstage. Can anyone outline for me how I can manage my player without sonicstage? I have read about the mp3 file manager but am not sure how to install it on my player and on my computer. I am running vista if that matters at all.

Thank you!

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Guest Stuge

Yeh use MP3 File Manager, just open and drag n drop or use Vaio Music Transfer

I have tried to use Mp3 file manager with my A806 ,but the files transferred using it are not recognized by walkman .

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I guess just try Vaio Music Transfer, you need it to have the OMG folder for it to work, if nothing is on the drive it wont work, you can also try VoidMP3FM but i am not sure if that will work.

Sorry to say but you might be stuck with SS, you could wait for the A729 and get that

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