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Europe votes on anti-piracy laws

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Guest Stuge

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Guest Stuge

Europeans suspected of putting movies and music on file-sharing networks could be thrown off the web under proposals before Brussels.

The powers are in a raft of laws that aim to harmonise the regulations governing Europe's telecom markets.

Other amendments added to the packet of laws allow governments to decide which software can be used on the web.

Campaigners say the laws trample on personal privacy and turn net suppliers into copyright enforcers.



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Stuge, this is a bit of a problem for me since my other half is too mean to buy CDs and either copies mine as soon as I get them, or downloads them in a big batch from some dubious site. Our ISP (Virgin), is one of the ones cracking down on illegal downloads, so if he gets thrown off, so do I. And I'm not doing anything wrong. It's like being back at school when you all get detention because of one 'naughty' person. I have spoken to him about it, but he's convinced it's all talk and that nothing will come of it. If I get kicked off because of him, there's going to be big trouble!! :blink:

I don't see why I should be punished when I'm doing everything the legitimate way. That's not to say I've never downloaded anything, but it's always been stuff that's been discontinued and is not available to buy anymore. Whenever possible, I always buy the CD as I like to see it on my shelf :)

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