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Sharp MD-MT200

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does anyone have one of these yet? this looks like the MD unit for me from what I've read. I was about to get a 707 until i learnt about the poor recording performance of the Sony's. NetMD doesn't seem like it's a big deal at this point either. I'm looking for first hand experience with the MT200. Also one newbie question before I go. When dubbing say, a CD or LP to MD how do you separate the tracks? Can this be done on the unit itself after you record the whole stream. Or do you have to stop the input unit after the track is done and make the next track a new track on the MD? hoping this is easier than what I just described....


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I'm not sure how it works on a sharp, but it's incredibly simple on a sony. Skip to the time where you want the divide. Press the track mark button. Repeat until disc is marked. I imagine the Sharp is very similar to this.

There's manuals on minidisc.org, you could give 'em a read for more detailed info.

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You can do both. biggrin.gif

If you just record the entire stream, you just go back afterwards and pick a point where you want to add a trackmark, the press the "edit" button (or similar) and choose "divide".

If you are digitally dubbing from a CD, then it auto trackmarks for you, and if the CD/source has long enough gaps between tracks, then it will trackmark in analogue too.

You can, if you want, pause the recording by pressing "pause" tongue.gif after a track has been recorded, the push play to start another recording - this give you trackmarks too.

Don't worry about it - it is easy-peasy-coz-it's-Japanesy. Simple as.

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You have some options:

a: use the excellent sync function, stops recording after some silence and new MD track begins when the next CD track starts to play.

b: press 'REC' whenever you want to insert a trackmark during recording

c: skip to the specific time, press 'pause' and in the menu select "divide".

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