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  1. Loud enuff for yucky earbuds?Yes Loud enuff for MDR G82? No Not enough power for bigger/better headphones, and one other point is that the unit starts to distort on some songs at volume over 20. An MZR70 does exactly the same. I have 4 MD recorders to compare, and I will never go for 2x5mw again.
  2. Actually the PC Netmd enc for LP4 is completely different from the hardware encoder in your 707/505. The pc codec has a wider bandwidth, introducing more distortion because it tries to encode too much frequency components. The 707 codec has a lowpass filter at ~ 1500hz lower than the pc one, so sounds more muffled but the actual quality of the encoded music is a bit higher. The bottom line is they both sound crap tho
  3. if you make an analog recording and cut the sound for 3 seconds, does it make a trackmark when the music starts again? That's the way it's supposed to work.
  4. Aidix

    MZ N10

    If you want a loud player, forget Sony and get a Sharp. The headphones don't come "with a remote". What do you mean by that anyway :?: :?: You plug them into the remote, like any other headphones.
  5. Why not give it a try... if it plays over 2x as long, I guess it charged to 1800mAh...
  6. Aidix

    Sharp MD-MT200

    You have some options: a: use the excellent sync function, stops recording after some silence and new MD track begins when the next CD track starts to play. b: press 'REC' whenever you want to insert a trackmark during recording c: skip to the specific time, press 'pause' and in the menu select "divide".
  7. It's absolute barketing crap. The fancy tubes you seen in/on Sony earphones aren't even 'connected'... they are sealed shut, and only there to provide the illusion that there really is some 'Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit for deep bass sound' thing in there. The only one with 'functional' tubes is Philips, if you close them the bass will disappear. Is this because Philips' system really works? No, it's because if you seal the pressure chamber 100%, the diaphraghm is unable to move freely. It's absolutely impossible to produce a working 'bass turbo tube' for the simple reason that your eardrums are on the opposite side of the diapraghm!
  8. How to make stealth recordings 1: get a cheap-ass PC microphone 2: (get someone to) dissect the microphone, all you want is the little 'knob' 3: hide knob under your clothes, it's so small you don't or hardly see it. A normal sweater shouldn't muffle the sound too much. 4: fun guaranteed We used to 'terrorize' PC shops and listen to all the mayhem afterwards :twisted:
  9. I have a Xitel MD-PORT USB on my PC, and the sound skips a LOT!!! Even when winamp is the only active app. It never skips when I play it through my normal soundcard. Try before you buy....
  10. The only 'pro' is that you can use normal AA batteries in the 707 directly. This is considered a negative point by some because of the battery bulge. SO get the 909
  11. Aidix

    Good Starting Point?

    "they don't make 'em like they used to" eh??
  12. I think you should invest in an analog mixer with sufficient line-out level instead! I have always been able to 'oversteer' line-in signal at max gain on any MD recorder (sony/sharp) with any input (mixers, portable equipment, receivers, other hifi equipment etc...) Try some other analog sources and see if they have the same problem. If they do, your MD recorder might be broken.
  13. Yes, charging NiMH works perfect! The unit seems to have an intelligent delta-peak charging cutoff method, it will charge any battery untill it's full.
  14. By 'uncompromised' I mean high bitrate MP3's. Ofcourse SP mode will beat any MP3 but I'm still waiting for a NetMD SP upload function :cry: I also love my MD's and would never stop using it. There is no perfect portable audio solution, so just try to search for a format that suits your needs.
  15. I don't think talking people who don't have any MD equipment into buying a NetMD is smart. Why? First let's see what's good about (Net) MD -NetMD is a (relatively) easy and fast way to get MP3's on your MD's. -Carry them around in your portable or listen in your car or at home. -cheap media, no expensive smarmedia cards or harddisks and smaller than CDR Now the bad -You will need double copies of every MP3 on your harddisk. Keeping the original MP3's is a must because OpenMG completely sucks as a music player on the PC. -The software is unstable and slow. Soundstage is worse than OpenMG. -only 2 quality settings (LP2 / LP4) one is bad, the other isn't perfect either. Your MP3's will suffer. -can't edit the resulting tracks on MDs -MD equipment is far more expensive than MP3CD hardware. -MD can't play CD's Simply put, NetMD is -more complicated -more expensive -lower quality -usually smaller than simply buying a direct MP3-playing solution. The real benefit of NetMD is that you can also use it as a high quality standalone audio recorder! Using NetMD simply as a MP3player really is a waste of such a nice portable high quality audio recording device as MD Comparing a NetMD to an iPod... iPod is more expensive but it also stores ALL you music in uncompromised quality if you want to.
  16. Aidix

    MZN-1 vs MZ-N707

    I 0wn a MZN505... And the funny thing about differences is that they can all be proven, I like to talk about facts.
  17. Aidix

    MZN-1 vs MZ-N707

    Apart from the "ooh ahh" factor what real benefits does the N1 really have that deserves your extra $100? In the 'rest of the world' the N707 is sold with a normal LCD remote. This means that the N1 doesn't have *any* real new functionality worth $100. The sound isn't any different, and the line-out is completely bogus. Tests have shown no noticable difference, and the signal is still to weak to be considered a functional line-out anyway. A friend just bought a $200 iRiver MP3 player, he sez the iRiver blows the N1 out of the water sound quality wise. Remember, it's still the same low-fi 5+5mW amp in that shiny casing. Although the N1's circuitry is a little (little!) different from the N707, the so called "extra's" are already installed in the 707 firmware!!! SO essentially you pay $100 for a shiny casing. I'd settle for the N707 anytime. (Actually I'd buy neither of them, but that's another story)
  18. If you plug the Sharp lineout into you Mac MIC input you will roast you mic amp!!! Only use a line-in!
  19. Forget about that Sony cr*p! You can't upload using NetMD anyway. I have used Sony MZ-N505/707 and Sharp MD-MS722 for live recordings. Sharp vs Sony sync on any input vs sync only on digital quickly responding VU meters vs dysfunctional VU meters (incorrect max) good microphone amp vs crap microphone amp silent motor vs noisy drive FLAT frequency response vs overly much bass on sony line-out (+3dB) powerfull lineout vs very weak lineout (over 7db difference). I need to use a separate mixer to "pre amp" the sony signal otherwise I'm unable to get +0dB on my PC's line in!! It's really a tragedy. SO whatever you do get a Sharp, at least you'll have 'ease of use' and the ability to use it as a good line-out. www.minidisco.com has very nice MD-MT200 recorders bundled with pro microphones.
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